Who is the wife of Anatoly Chubais?

A few years ago, a secular partyexcited one of the "burning" news, which was associated with the personal life of a major Russian official, whose fortune is estimated at many billions of rubles. Of course, we are talking about the ideologist of the privatization of Anatoly Borisovich Chubais. He just left the family for another woman. Naturally, such a detail of the personal life of a well-known politician could not be left to the public and "from the bottom of the heart" sipped. Everyone suddenly wanted to find out who would now try on the status of "Chubais's wife".

"Treason? Only not him "

This secret was revealed by the shocking actor of the Sovietcinema Stanislav Sadalsky, who is known for his caustic comments in the "Live Journal", and Bozena Rynska, professionally engaged in journalism. They told the public who was lucky to wear a loud "title" - the wife of Chubais.

Wife of Chubais

The passage of the post says for itself: "A billionaire has left his family without taking any property with him at all. He had an affair with ... "

Noteworthy is the fact that now the formerthe spouse of the head of RUSNANO always spoke warmly of Russian politics. "He is not capable of betraying, because he has a natural conservatism. Anatoly Borisovich has his own moral code, the norms of which he strictly observes. Only if he truly loves, then can break the relationship, "- said the ex-wife of Chubais Maria Vishnevskaya. Some claimed that Vishnevskaya worked part-time in a modeling agency, and the future reformer was very interested in a girl with long legs. But in reality it was different. Their acquaintance occurred when they both worked in one engineering and economic institute of the city on the Neva River as research workers.

First Spouse

It should be noted that Maria Vishnevskaya issecond wife of Chubais. With it, he began to live after he left his first wife Lyudmila. She gave birth to a son and daughter, and later became a restaurateur.

Wife of Chubais photo

It should be noted that the first wife "evil"genius of the 90's "regularly helped with money. Lyudmila even opened her own restaurant, denying, of course, that she was financially assisted by her ex-husband. Anyway, but with his second wife Anatoly Borisovich lived in happiness and harmony for twenty years. But they had to part. So, what is the name of Chubais's wife # 3?

Biography of Duni

Elected Anatoly Borisovich, Avdotya AndreevnaSmirnov, in the cultural life of Russia, the figure is by no means mediocre. It is enough to pay attention to its related origin. She is the granddaughter of the famous writer Sergei Smirnov, who wrote the Brest Fortress. Her father is no less famous director Andrei Smirnov, and his mother is a popular actress Natalya Rudnaya. Dunya from a young age showed her "radical" maximalism, demonstrating to people around her unbridled temper. Not only could she offend a strong word, but she was an unprincipled person. Fortunately, after growing up, it's gone.

The beginning of the creative path

After school she dreamed of enrolling in the scenario faculty, but her beginnings were taken with hostility by her father.

What is the name of Chubais's wife?

As a result, she became a student of philology at Moscow State University, butthen still entered the GITIS (theater). Fate brought her with the well-known director Sergei Solovyov, who eventually approved her for the post editor of "Circle".

For a time, she worked as a journalist in the print publication Kommersant, then worked as a book reviewer for the magazines Afisha and Stolitsa. In parallel, she writes screenplays for films.

Avdotya Smirnova devoted time to work in the field ofart management. She showed interest in the performances of "New Artists", visited the capital hangouts of rock bands. As already stressed, the future wife of Chubais Dunya created exclusive scenarios, which were quite in demand. Films, in the basis of which they were involved, were often awarded prestigious awards. The most fruitful was the cooperation of Smirnova with the director Alexei Uchitel, who, according to her scripts, made such films as "Diary of his wife", "Walk", "Mania of Giselle". Also Avdotya Andreevna wrote a screenplay for Andrey Konchalovsky's famous film "Gloss", thanks to which the rating of her popularity became even higher. Among other things, Chubais's wife Dunya Smirnova herself was engaged in directing. In 2006, she became the author of the film "Communication", and two years later the audience saw her film production of the classic work of I. Turgenev "Fathers and Sons."

Project "School of Slander"

Some still believe that Dunya Smirnov was recognized by the whole country after the release of this television program.

Who is the wife of Anatoly Chubais?

In the autumn of 2002, on the channel "NTV" the firstthe release of the "Sinology School". Together with the well-known writer and publicist Tatyana Tolstoy Avdotya Smirnova became the first person of this project, which was created to hold a conversation with the main character, to reveal his advantages and disadvantages, to learn his creative plans and, as they say, "turn his soul inside out." Famous people came to the guests who, one way or another, contributed to the national culture. It should be noted that the third wife of Chubais, whose photo periodically flashes in the press, after the closure of the above program on television appears not often.

Avdotya's other role

Not everyone knows that Smirnov for a whilewas doing another thing. In the 90's, she was a member of the team of speechwriters of the famous politician Sergei Kiriyenko. By the way, her colleagues "on the shop" were her friends - Tatyana Tolstaya and Alexander Timofeevsky. It was this trio that was responsible for the passage of the SPS party to the legislative body of the country and the victory in the mayoral elections. Then they "promoted" in the big politics of Mikhail Margelov, who later took up his seat in parliament.

Fateful acquaintance

Now it is no secret to anyone who is the wife of Anatoly Chubais.

Chubais's wife Dunya Smirnova

But not everyone knows how the acquaintance happenedSmirnova with the future head of Rosnano. They became friends just when Dunya was working as a speechwriting. And for eight whole years they continued to communicate closely with each other, after which an affair broke out between them.

"High relations"

When relations between Chubais and Avdotya Andreevnagrew into something more than just friendship, the ideologist of privatization did not hide from the public this regularly flashed novel. After some time, the billionaire offered his hand and heart to his new lover, and she agreed. "Avdotya and I did not start lavish celebrations, limiting ourselves to a modest dinner in a close circle. To all who congratulated us, I express my gratitude, "he wrote in his blog.

However, some note that the nextmarriage went Smirnova for good: she was even slimmer, dyed black and began to wear dark clothes. In the work came a "creative break".

Chubais's wife Dunya

After Dunya became the wife of Chubais, she fully focused on "storing the home", forgetting about journalism and scripts.

In a secular society Smirnov together with the newthe spouse also appears rarely, but when it appears, it certainly shocks the public with its glamorous outfits. At the same time, in one of the interviews she stated that she did not intend to "distance herself from the public" in any case. Marriage with Avdotya Andreevna somewhat changed the life of Anatoly Borisovich. With his wife he began attending exhibitions and cultural events. Naturally, not without the influence of Dunya.

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