How many eyes does a Cyclops have? The animal Cyclops (crustaceans, insects)

Who would have thought how interesting andmysterious can be the underwater world! Here you can find not only large and small marine life, but also very small creatures with an amazing body structure. To similar animals it is possible to carry an unusual crustacean - a cyclope. This is a funny arthropod with short and long antennae and a translucent body. About what this creation is, why it is so called and how many eyes the Cyclops have, we will tell further.

how many eyes do the Cyclops

General characteristics of Cyclops

In most people, the cyclope is associated witha huge fairy-tale gigantic, possessing tremendous power and, most notably, a single eye. However, the hero of our today's article has nothing to do with this giant, except for the name and some other external signs, but about them we will say later. On the contrary, it is a very small copepod crustacean. The length of his body is only 1-5.5 mm.

Description of the body of a crustacean

An elongated and narrowed down carcase (in textbooksin biology it is said that it is divided into the cephalothorax and abdomen) of this cute crustacean contains four pairs of legs that are more like thin pencil lines. This is such an amazing and unique - Cyclops (crustaceans). How many eyes he has, you can see only with a large increase in the creature, under a powerful microscope. While driving it in water it is almost impossible.

how many eyes have a Cyclops animal

By the way, the males have developed a fifth pair of legs, but shehas a slightly different purpose. The fact is that when communicating with the female her partner with these spare legs keeps the girlfriend next to her. That's how he provides himself peace of mind and immobilizes his "lady of the heart" at the right time for him.

When and where can you see the Cyclops?

Do you know how many eyes the Cyclops have? We are happy to tell you about this, but we will do it a little later. A favorite habitat of the crustacean is the coastal zone in fresh water, where it appears in large numbers in early April. It is at this time that the temperature already reaches 8-10 ° C, which is quite acceptable for the reproduction of small cyclopods.

Near the middle of summer the number of thesecrustaceans are sharply reduced, and in September again increases. In winter, the number of arthropods decreases. The very little Cyclops themselves become less active. However, they do not fall into suspended animation.

How many eyes do the Cyclops have: what does the mythical character and the crustacean have in common?

At the small crayfish with tendrils and thin legsonly one eye, which, in fact, brings him closer to the mythical character. Outwardly these tiny creatures resemble a slightly elongated tadpole with antennae and a tail with single-branched antennas. In the middle of their heads are equipped with short antennas (slightly bent filaments, whiskers). Here there is also a single eye, allowing these babies to distinguish objects in fresh water. So if someone asks you how many eyes the Cyclops have, you will find something to answer.

how many eyes have a Cyclops photo

Internal structure of the body

Although the Cyclops belong to the animal kingdom,we can speak of a simple organism. First, he has no heart. Secondly, he has absolutely no blood vessels, and all internal organs are washed almost colorless hemolymph.

We have already discussed how many eyes the Cyclops have. Photo with a schematic image of this unusual organism, by the way, can be seen below. However, the question of the number of organs of sight in this representative of crustaceans is by no means the only one that needs clarification. An important subject for discussion is the internal structure of the crustacean and the work of its digestive system. Thus, these copepods have an intestine, which is stimulated by the movement of the hemolymph.

Cyclops crustaceans how many eyes

Respiratory system and level of vision

The whole body is breathing the crustacean. Despite the simplicity of his physique, this unusual arthropod has a real nervous system that does not contain nodes. It is presented in the form of a set of abdominal cords and a head "brain".

In addition, the freshwater organism hasgood eyesight. If you still do not know how many eyes have a Cyclope's crustacean, we will recall: one. But, despite this fact, this small creature perfectly orientates on the terrain, swims quickly and even makes simple maneuvers in the event of a clash with predators.

What and how do the cyclops feed?

Despite the simplicity of the structure of the body andinternal organs, Cyclops is considered a predator. Most often they feed on rotifer, smallest crustaceans, protozoan microorganisms. But they themselves are a major link in the food chain for the younger generation of fry and fish.

By the way, cyclops themselves can also eat smallinhabitants of aquariums and fresh water bodies. This happens as follows: the crustacean is attached to the body of the fish, the length of which is no more than 4-5 mm, and begins to bit off bits of it. And as soon as the victim chosen by the crustacean weakens, a whole pack of his relatives encounters it and continues to destroy it. As you can see, the appetite does not depend on how many eyes the Cyclops have. The animal, despite its inferiority, feels great and easily quenches the hunger, using all the methods known to him, including the collective ones.

how many eyes have an insect

Less often these lower crustaceans give their body "for rent"for unpleasant externally parasites. For example, "cyclopean taxi" services are often used by worms of wide ribbon and rishta. With the help of these crustaceans, parasites move in the aquatic environment and look for new hosts. About how many eyes the Cyclops (the animal is very interesting, is not it?), We described above. Next, we will introduce you to the same-named insects, which also have unusual external data.

Female cyclops and features of bearing eggs

The females of these crustaceans are larger. In addition, in their body there are small saccule compartments attached to the very base of the abdomen. It is into these peculiar containers that already fertilized eggs are placed. On average, their number does not exceed 10-12 pairs. It is interesting that immediately after the birth of the toddlers, the female discards its stretched bags, which easily grow back with each subsequent process of bearing offspring.

Where can I use and how to catch a Cyclops?

Cyclops can be used as afeed for aquarium fish. Catch them with the help of a net. At the same time, the tool should be equipped with a nylon or a cloth made of frequent mill gas.

Cyclops-insects: who are they?

In addition to crustaceans, cyclops are also calledsome insects. For example, they are butterflies-doves and blackies. But only, unlike the arthropod toddler, they have both eyes. Their name they received because of the presence on their wings of small circles, reminiscent of the eye. These insects are widespread in China, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territory, they are also on the Korean peninsula.

how many eyes are the cyclope

Now you know how many eyes the Cyclops have. An insect from the family of Lepidoptera has two eyes, and a crustacean with the same name is one.

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