Rachel Speed: biography. Tom Hardy and Rachel Speed

The famous British actor Thomas Hardyyears manages to keep his personal life behind seven locks. In the media, relatively scant information about his preferences, preferences, relations with women is leaked. Maybe that's why his image from time to time grows rumors, which are sometimes dispelled by ubiquitous journalists, and sometimes remain unsaid, creating a kind of mysterious halo around Hardy himself.

rachel spid who is it

The least studied aspect of the life of Thomas Hardy andone of the most interesting fans is a certain Rachel Speed, whose name is present in every excerpt from the meager biographical information about him. Fans share in the networks they know about the role of this woman in the life of Hardy. Their knowledge is contradictory, and at times simply shocking.

Rachel Speed: who is this?

Many would like to understand this issue. Who is it? Why is the name of the mysterious Rachel Speed ​​always figured in the biography of the famous actor? Before answering, one should at least briefly recall Hardy himself: what did the actor deserve the attention of the fans?

About Thomas Hardy

In Hollywood, the actor has established himself as an articulate"Bad guy" - because of his reputation and the proposed repertoire. According to Hardy himself, he knows everything about vices: at one time he had to be treated for alcohol and drug addiction, to balance on the verge of dealing with the law, to experiment with his own sexual orientation.

It is known that in the world of art and cinema,fame does not play against its "owner", but, on the contrary, it can serve to increase its popularity. In relation to Hardy - this statement is very fair: as an actor playing antiheroes, he has already earned a stable recognition of the public.

Difficult period

Everything said above about Hardy is very serious. In the past, the actor left quite unattractive facts about the biography, about which he is ready to tell without reserve to become a lesson for young people, full of self-confidence of young people. At the age of 24, Thomas almost had to give up acting because of bad habits that got out of control. His health and life were in great danger, which he managed to avoid, thanks to the support of his relatives. The people who brought him out of the crisis turned out to be the parents against whom he had so vehemently rebelled, beginning with the adolescent period.

Parents are father, writer Edward Hardy, and mother,artist, Anne Hardy - could not have expected that the education of the only child in the creative atmosphere would result in such sad consequences for him. Be that as it may, they fought desperately for its restoration and return to normal life.

After the rehabilitation center, thin and barely able to stand on his feet, Thomas promised his mother that "there will never be more" and grabbed for work, like drowning over a straw.

He was very surprised when in 2003 he unexpectedly received a prize for his theatrical debut. He stood on the stage, confusedly adjusting the collar of his shirt, his mother in the hall smiled uncertainly, and his father cried.

For what actors get recognition?

Hardy seriously took up his education, becamea convinced workaholic. And the result did not keep itself waiting. Since 2001 and until now, he starred in 26 films, acted as a screenwriter and producer, received about ten awards and prizes for work in film and theater.

For this he had miraclesdedication: for three days for one of the roles to learn to cope with mountain skiing, for an incredibly short time to gain 20 kg of weight to play the role of the criminal Bronson in the movie of the same name, meet the famous villain in prison, getting used to the image, for many days to be in leather armor in African desert during the filming of "Mad Max".

Thomas Hardy today is one of the most famous andfavorite actors, rightfully earned world recognition. Summing up the stage, he came to the conclusion, which he shared with journalists: the actors recognize the public not for the talent given them by nature, but for the work invested in it.

But who is Rachel Speed? How is the name of this girl associated with the famous actor?

Tom Hardy and Rachel Speed

Despite the fact that his personal life, Thomas Hardytries to keep it a secret, until his numerous fans leaked information: the actor has been happily married for two years. His chosen one is the young actress Charlotte Riley, whom Thomas is rumored to love with all his heart, selflessly and faithfully.

ex girlfriend rachel spid

Their wedding, which was also carefully hiddenfrom the general public, was held in 2014. Moreover, in 2015 Hardy became the happy father for the second time. The mother of the first-born actor, the son of Louis, born in 2008, was his ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed.


Recently, the network flew around the photo of Thomas and his newly born son.

rachel spid biography

It depicts a sleeping Thomas Hardy with a hotfavorite son of Louis, hugging an impressive tattooed father's bicep. The photo of many made me feel touched and moved, especially those who know how much the actor loves the little son and tries to spend more time with him.

But on the site "Classmates" users wereone day a note is found telling that a woman's face, imprinted on the forearm of the actor to whom the boy is so pressed by the face, is his "mother who died during the birth", Rachel Speed. The note does not stand up to any criticism, since the girl is alive and well, with the father of her child is on friendly terms, sees him from time to time and receives moral and material support from him.

Fans do have a veryscant information about Rachel Speed, whose biography is represented by only a few lines, and then insofar as it relates to the biography of the famous actor.

What about her?

Rachel was a casting specialist, second assistant to the director in the series "Queen virgin", where Tom was shot.

rachel speed

They lived in a civil marriage for almost five years. His fruit - baby Louis, whose fervent love for which the young father, among other things, captured in the form of another tattoo-inscription: "My beautiful little son."

Despite the fact that Rachel and Tom broke up, the actor turned out to be an excellent father, every free minute for the baby.

Parting with Rachel Tom was not easy, although hewarned her that their relationship would never be legalized. Despite the beautiful nature of the girl and her lovely appearance, something did not allow the actor to consider Rachel the girl of her dreams.

Therefore, all the efforts of Thomas Hardy, who is a recognized workaholic in his environment, are devoted to his little son: the actor wants to be worthy of his love and respect.

How was everything?

On the set of "Queen virgin" Rachel helped him prepare for the role, took on the economic troubles: about food, about a comfortable dressing room.

Hardy and Rachel Speed

When they began to live together, took care of himquietly and imperceptibly: tried to cook favorite dishes, sometimes at his request read aloud the script sent, dared those of the guests who came with alcohol.

But Tom did not leave the feeling that their union -error. He was uncomfortable living with a woman, whose role in many ways comes down to the role of "assistant" and "mommy." Little Louis was born because Rachel subconsciously felt the indifference of a civil spouse, and the girl really wanted to save their relationship.

Final chord

On the set of "Wuthering Heights" Hardy met Charlotte Riley, who fascinated him immediately and irrevocably. He confessed to Rachel that he loved another. She quietly collected things, her own and her son, and left.

The story of Rachel on this for fansends. It is known only that Hardy continues to be her friend, his wife gets along very well with little Louis and is always happy when he is staying at their house with Tom. The former girlfriend of actor Rachel Speed ​​was present together with the son as the visitor on their quiet family wedding at the insistence of Charlotte.

If you want to drink - loud sing!

But it was later. And then, in 2009, a sense of guilt over a woman, and especially in front of a child, overwhelmed Tom. He seemed to be a traitor, disgusting of fathers. There was an irresistible desire, which he was afraid: get drunk! But the actor was very well aware of the consequences of such a "treatment".

He called for support to an old friend,who also once overcame dependence. He came and brought an unexpected recipe from his psychotherapist: if a former alcoholic irresistibly wants to drink, he should sing! It is not important that the main thing is loud. Friends were drinking a loud singing of pomegranate juice, sitting opposite each other on the floor in the living room. The remedy for the pain was excellent.

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