The Darwin Award: the most ridiculous deaths

Charles Darwin is known throughout the world as a creatortheory of evolution. According to the scientist, its main driving force is natural selection. In the ruthless world of nature, stupid and weak individuals die, and the smart and strong survive, leaving offspring, to which the mind and the power of their ancestors are inherited. That's how the monkey transformed into a human being.

Now people are not as vulnerable as in antiquity, andso the process of natural selection is slightly stalled. In today's world, even a stupid and weak homo sapiens can survive and leave offspring. But there are pronounced cretins that go away before they give birth to their children. Thus, they help humanity, because without their genes everything will be much better.

Darwin Award, nominees for which appearevery year, is just given to people who "have taken their contribution from the human gene pool." Most of the winners are awarded posthumously, but there are also "unique", who received the prize because of depriving themselves of reproductive organs in the most sophisticated way. In this article we will quote the top Darwin Prize.

Darwin Prize

1. Rectal alcoholic

The first place gets Michael Warner from Texas. He was the owner of a small store and liked to drink. But he introduced alcohol into himself in a non-trivial way, namely through the anus. According to the spouse, 58-year-old Michael very often put himself an enema. It was explained simply - because of a throat, Warner could not drink alcohol, like everyone else.

Once they went with his wife to a party that becamefor Michael last. He asked his wife to pour into him two 1.5-liter bottles of sherry. As a result, the poor fellow simply lost consciousness, and the next morning he was found dead. After a blood test, it was found that the alcohol content in her was 6 times higher than normal. So, Michael topped the list of "The winners of the Darwin Prize." Who is in second place?

2. The Mole Killer

Second place is unconditionally received by 63-year-oldThe German, who was killed by the desire to exterminate the mole, who settled at his house on the site. The pensioner used everything, but to no avail. Then the German decided to resort to a radical method: he connected the metal rods to the high-voltage line and stuck them into the ground. Despite the security measures taken, the current nevertheless fell on the land where the pensioner was. In general, he went to the light with the mole.

Darwin Award nominees

3. Death dispute

The Darwin Prize and the third place in the Toptwo friends from the city of Valparaiso. They decided to play a dispute "in a coward." The essence of the game was as follows: who longer will not get off the rail before the approaching train, he won. The time of the dispute was midnight. It all ended in tragedy: the defeated Patrick Stiff was shot down to death. The driver did not even slow down, because he did not notice the disputants.

4. Demolition of the barn

The Darwin Prize and the fourth place of the top with the inhabitantThe state of Virginia, who decided to demolish the old barn. He started the chainsaw and began to dismantle the structure. Or out of ignorance, or greatly carried away, the poor man sawed the load-bearing beams. As a result, the whole design fell on the zealous worker.

top darwin premium

5. Behind two rabbits

The fifth place at the 29-year-old Oscar - teachercomputer literacy. The Darwin Award went to an American for doing two incompatible things: driving a car and typing on a laptop. At high speed, he flew to the oncoming lane and crashed into the Hummer. The teacher died on the spot, and the SUV passengers received only a few bruises.

6. Liquid nitrogen

The sixth place in our compatriot who decidedhit your girlfriend. On the Internet, he watched a video about how a man dipped his hand in nitrogen and pulled it unscathed. It is a pity that he did not fully understand all the features of the experiment. The man in the video dipped his hand with water, which became a barrier between the skin and nitrogen. Therefore, she remained unscathed. The Russian had to watch the video more attentively. But he did not do it, but got a canister with liquid nitrogen and decided to repeat the experiment before his lover, putting his hand in the container. Our hero did not last long. The pain became unbearable, and he yanked his hand, but at the same time he touched the canister and tipped its contents to his crotch. Needless to say, he's got it all frozen ...

the darwin prize is the most ridiculous of death

7. Phone-gun

The Darwin Prize (the most absurd deaths) and the seventhplace at the 47-year-old Charles Barger. At night, he woke up from a phone call. Trying to find the phone, Barger took a revolver, brought it to his ear and pulled the trigger.

8. Fell from the roof and exploded on the toilet

The eighth place is from a Los Angeles resident whoI began to repair the roof of my house. Before climbing it, he took precautions and tied a safety line. The second end of the prudent American tied to the bumper of his car, standing in the courtyard. The only thing he did not do was not to warn his wife. While the husband repaired the roof, she gathered for shopping, got behind the wheel and drove off. Torn off the poor man's roof, she made a trip to the first store.

Surgeons saved his life, but the story is notover. In honor of her husband's discharge from the hospital, the husband decided to have a party. It was expected the arrival of smoking guests, so she began to fill the lighter with gasoline over the toilet. He spilled a lot of fuel. After that the husband came into the toilet and sat comfortably with the newspaper, lighting a cigarette. When he finished, he habitually dropped the cigarette butt into the toilet. From the explosion, the husband received burns incompatible with life. In general, Darwin's prize, the nominees for which are collected from all over the world, went to the poor man deservedly.

laureates of the Darwinian Prize

9. Has touched with alcohol

In the ninth place decently drunk a man,who was going home and got a blow to the head. Despite the broken skull, he got up and continued on his way. A quarter later, he was hit by a motorcyclist, breaking his unfortunate hand. He nevertheless reached home, but stumbled on the porch, fell, broke both legs. In the morning his wife found him dead. The conclusion of the medical expert read: "The cause of death was alcohol poisoning."

10. The Death Pen

The Darwin Award and the tenth place in the woman,walking in the mountains. She saw on the ground a light feather and wanted to pick it up, but the wind blew, and it was at the fence. Instead of going further, the unfortunate rushed to catch him and fell from a height of 300 meters. She died from the traumatic brain injury the next day.

winners of the Darwinian Award

11. Unbreakable glass

The eleventh place at the Canadian Harry Hoy. He was one of the best lawyers in Toronto. Among his entertainments was a demonstration of the strength of the windows in the office. This he frightened visitors and colleagues. To check, Harry ran and rushed to the glass. 24 the lawyer's attempt was crowned with success. He broke through the glass and fell out of the skyscraper window.

12. Love of nature

And closes our top botanist from California. He was very fond of nature and tried not to pollute it. Being in one of the reserves on the rocky coast of the ocean, the naturalist decided to fix the need. In order not to pollute the soil, he began to do this from the cliff to the sea, but could not resist and crashed to death.

These were the brightest winners of the Darwin Prize. We wish you never be among them!

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