What is the answer to "I love you"? Several variants

Life is an interesting thing, and sometimes, quite the contrarynot expecting, you can get a declaration of love from a man who, it would seem, does not even pay attention to your humble person. What to do in such a situation, so as not to offend him? What is the answer to "I love you", if this recognition is unwanted? And how can you please your loved one if "I love you" - a phrase long-awaited and pleasant?

words to the beloved


The first thing to understand, if necessaryto deny a person: it is better to tell the truth right away, no matter how painful it may be, and put an end to it. You do not need to cheat, try to arouse feelings for the unloved or just deceive. So only will be worse for a man who is unrequitedly in love. Truth is the best. But you can also say it in different ways.


The first advice about what to answer is "Ilove you "- a joke to help. You can try to laugh out of recognition, letting people know that you should not continue to talk about this topic. You can reply: "I love sweets, let's love them together," or something like that. But do not ridicule the feelings of the guy who decided to open up. This is not good, and will leave an unpleasant sludge in the soul of a lover.

what to answer I love you


What to answer "I love you", if you answerthere is nothing? You can just keep silent or pretend that recognition has not been heard. From this lover will be somewhat uncomfortable, so you need to quickly orient yourself and try to translate the topic into a different direction, somewhat changing the angle of the conversation. And only by taking the conversation completely in the opposite direction, you can relax a little and let the enamored guy come to his senses and come to the senses. After all, silence is the very refusal, and it is always a shock and a blow to male vanity.


If you want to get away from the undesirablequestion or figure out what to answer "I love you", you can try to play a comedy or a tragedy - which will suit your taste. You can dramatically roll your eyes, twist your fingers and say: "Oh, monsieur, why do you need such a jerk like me!" Or: "Do not tell me like that, my dear, I'm so unhappy in my relations with men!" Such a performance will divert attention from the main question and help a little move away from this topic.

I will love you
The simplest answer

You can directly respond to an unnecessary confession. Just say: "I have, unfortunately, no such feelings for you." Or: "I love (is in love with) another." But do not say the most terrible, according to lovers, the phrase: "Let's remain friends." After all, this is how a person repels, but at the same time attracts to himself. And you do not need to do this in such a situation.

If you still have feelings

But what words can you say to your beloved, if toa guy who confesses love, also have feelings? There are a lot of options. You can just answer with the same phrase or say: "I will love you forever / always." Also, as an option, a meaningful glance will approach, which all will say without words. You can just rush to the neck of the beloved with hugs, gently whispering in his ear all sorts of cute stupid things. It is also worthwhile to learn several variants of the phrases "I love you" in different languages ​​and just answer the same thing every time, but in other words. It will be interesting and even informative.

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