Tips for the guys: how to know if the girl loves you

In today's world, not only girls are askeda painful question about the love of a guy. Many young people are very often interested in the same question: "How do you know if a girl loves you?" After all, everything seems to be well, she is near and constantly repeating this "love". However, intuitively (if, of course, you have intuition), you feel that something is wrong. Even if she talks about love every day and constantly kisses you, it does not mean that she really needs you. For your part, you can associate it with an angel with snow-white wings, and it will still be somehow justified. However, if she associates herself with an angel, this can already mean your unnecessaryness to her. Therefore, do not look at the world, including her, through rose-colored glasses. Today we will tell you how to find out if a girl loves you. Conditionally, we divide its behavior into groups and talk about each separately.

how to know if a girl loves you

  1. Her behavior is constantly changing. If you know the first point, then this is the beginning of the end. But let's not talk about the sad and first tell what it can mean. Suppose you invited her to a restaurant. She agreed, and the evening passed just fine. On the way home, you touched her hand, then even kissed, and she responded to the kiss. Everything, you feel like a winner and all night you remember how a sixth grade boy in love (let the schoolchildren forgive me!), This moment. But the next day it seemed to be replaced. She smiles and jokes, but if you just try to kiss her, her eyes widen, and you remain a round fool, starting to wonder about the question: "How do you know if she loves me?" A few days of total depression you meet again, and the evening, to to your surprise, it repeats. What, has it melted again? Not worth it, because the next day you again will think that all the romance you just dreamed. So it will be repeated all the time, and this is the first hint of her indifference towards you.
    how do I know if she loves me
  2. She never gives you anything dear. Let's add that sometimes she completely forgets about any important date for you. From an indifferent girl you'll never get a good and even an intimate gift that hints at a higher and more serious level of relationships. And it does not depend on what you gave her. In response to the French perfume, you can get a Chinese diary, and for intimate underwear - a usual set of stationery. If you meet only a couple of weeks, such gifts are possible. However, to think about the question of how to find out if a girl loves you by receiving such gifts after two or three years of relationship is pointless, since the answer is obvious.
  3. You always make peace first. She is late for dating, she can kiss another guy with you, any of her words are the law, and with all this you are guilty? Then there is no question of any kind of love, because you are being trivial. In such a situation, it's silly even to offer to part friends, because such a "friend" does not appreciate you at all.
  4. She talks to you about ex-boyfriends and currentsuitors. You constantly hear about her past relationships, and sometimes she gets impudent and says how much she misses them. Sometimes you find it very sad and painful to hear from her like that, but you hope that you will be leveled with that scoundrel and jump into your long-uncovered embrace. However, do not flatter yourself, this is unlikely to happen. This behavior of hers suggests that you are another good girlfriend and a "waistcoat", which you can tell about everything and even sometimes cry on your shoulder.
    how do I know if you love me
  5. It appears only on a strictly definedcause. In other words, when she needs something, you are the first in the list of "fools" who are able to "do something" immediately. In this case, as in all the above, to guess how to find out if the girl loves you, to nothing.
  6. She's not interested in you. You tell her how unpleasant you were at the meeting in the company where the director chastised you in full, but she just rolls her eyes and takes the conversation completely to another direction. This can be considered the last step in the boards, how to find out if the girl loves you, since a truly sincere loving girl will always be interested in career, hobbies and even the problems of her boyfriend.

As you can see, it's quite easy to determine the level of relationships and love of a girl, if you do not close your eyes to all this. Be happy and appreciate each other!

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