Hawaiian party.

Summer is a time of rest and fun. Summer is the time of love. Unfortunately, in warm weather, not every resident of our country can afford to rest somewhere abroad on the shore of the warm sea. So what now it is not necessary to have a rest? By no means. You can rest and not going anywhere and at the same time get a charge of positive emotions. But how can we relax in a metropolis? Easily. You can arrange a party, for example, Hawaiian.

Hawaiian party is one of the unusualways to have a good time and be known as an original and extraordinary hostess. Hawaiian party will be appropriate for almost any holiday. Conduct it preferably near the pool or in the sauna. But if you do not have the financial means to rent a swimming pool or a sauna, your own apartment or house is also great (warn the neighbors in advance so that there will not be any trouble later). The most important thing in this business is a great mood and a desire to have a good time, and then your Hawaiian party will be held on "hurray." By the way, the Hawaiian party can be suitable for any banquet at work (unless, of course, the authorities are against such a holiday). And now we proceed directly to its organization.

The interior of the apartment must be fullycorrespond to the tropics. Look for acquaintances, maybe they have large artificial flowers (or buy) and weave garlands of these flowers. Also, small shells that should be placed on shelves and all other surfaces will not interfere. Light up as many decorative candles as possible so that the room is filled with soft and warm light. For more entourage, you can buy fishing nets and hang them above the doorways and under the ceiling. Attach paintings or photographs to the walls with a sea view. It would be great if you or your friends would have a decorative palm tree in the pot. If there is none, then it can be built from corrugated paper. If there is free space, it would be nice to install an inflatable pool. Of course, do not forget about exotic fruits, such as: bananas, coconuts, mangoes, kiwi, pineapples, citrus fruits.

Girls can easily get their swimsuits. Excellent, if they will be bright! You can supplement the outfit with a hula skirt, which is used in Hawaii as an element of folk costume during the performance of hula dance. Such a skirt can be made with your own hand from any materials (it all depends on your imagination). If not everyone dares to be in swimsuits, then you can wear light summer sarafans or dresses, perhaps, sarongs. Men are simpler. For them fit bright shirts with pictures on the beach theme and beach shorts. With shoes is also easy - you can shoe light beach slippers, or can be barefoot. Accessories for the Hawaiian party can be done by yourself. These can be necklaces made of shells, bracelets on Hawaiian themes. And, of course, you need to supplement your image with flowers stuck in your hair.

Fearing, the Hawaiians say "Aloha!", So you can safely do the same. Even at a meeting, you can dress the guests around the neck with flower necklaces. In Hawaii, these beads are called lei, and they can be made of artificial or real colors, corrugated paper or soft tissue.

Music for the Hawaiian party. If you invite a professional, then it's not worth worrying, they know how to give the necessary color. If you yourself take it upon yourself, it is recommended to search the vast expanses of the World Wide Web for information about Hawaiian music.

Drinks and snacks at the Hawaiian party. As a snack, you can organize a table that is abundantly filled with seafood and fruits. Fruits can be selected as fresh or canned. You can also prepare vegetable salads and buy Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, ham, cheese. Of the drinks on the table should be a cocktail, which in one way or another connected with exotic. Goblets should be decorated with slices of fruit, umbrellas, unusual tubules.

Do not forget to spend one of the most popular entertainment at the Hawaiian party - a competition in which you need to pass under the descending bar while deviating back.

It only remains to collect your guests and the Hawaiian party is ready!

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