Need an interesting idea for a wedding? Fantasize!

What makes a summer wedding different from the one thatfor example, in the fall? Probably because there are more flowers, more fruits in the summer, outfits can be more frank, and the event can be held not only in a restaurant or indoors, but also in the open air. An interesting idea for a wedding is half of its success. It is unlikely that guests will remember for a long time how and what they ate at the banquet, how much and what exactly they drank. But if you turn a wedding feast into an almost theatrical performance, fill it with unexpected details, then you can be sure: this event will be remembered forever. The simplest, but very interesting idea for a wedding is a party at home. First, you do not have to worry about hiring a room. Secondly, you can decorate the site not only with flowers and posters, but with hammocks, homemade swings, and placing benches. Such a celebration does not require particularly gorgeous outfits, but makes the party more intimate.

an interesting idea for a wedding
Scarlet sails, pirates and children of Captain Grant

Another interesting idea for a wedding isher at the pond. You can warn the guests in advance about the dress code: pirate costumes, vests, headdresses in the form of boats, etc. The groom can approach the pier where the bride is waiting for him:

  • in a boat with scarlet sails;
  • on the "pirate" schooner;
  • "Combat" ship;
  • go down in a hot air balloon.

Attributes of such a celebration can be sea stones, paper crafts, ropes, anchors (self-made) and other "ship" gear.

Hawaiian party

interesting ideas for a wedding in the summer

This is also a very interesting idea for a wedding. The celebration is held on the shore. Here you can conduct on-site registration, go boating, arrange a show of drummers (from guests) and have fun under incendiary Hawaiian music. And you can also spend a summer wedding in the garden, on the boat, etc. By the way, the bride can in summer replace the traditional veil with an equally beautiful bow, a diadem, a sprig of orange blossom. In general, it is not difficult to find interesting ideas for a wedding in the summer. You just need to understand how much you plan to spend, how many guests will be at the wedding and how they are able to perceive the unconventional scenario of the marriage action. Perhaps, one of the most cheerful weddings I saw was the marriage of students, held in the Papuan style. The ill-fated newlyweds found a way out. Their guests, like themselves, were in suits of the Papuans. They had to compete in fast food production, weaving networks, climbing along poles and trees. With a minimum of costs, it was a very fun and memorable wedding. If you are a fan of a more rigorous and fashionable celebration, then the most fashionable ideas today are marriages in the style of Tiffany, Moulin Rouge or Prince Harry.

autumn wedding ideas

Autumn wedding

Its ideas are also different. You can simply decorate the hall in bright autumn colors and hold a celebration in the style of the 1950s. Women can come to such an event in red or gold, orange or any other "autumn" dress. You can go on a honeymoon trip not to the sea, but to European or Central Russian forests. You can decorate the festive menu with autumn delicacies, and the walls of the restaurant - pumpkins, apples, ears and other attributes of autumn.

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