How to make an enema before anal sex - practical recommendations and features

Your sex has become monotonous and the man more oftenasks for something forbidden, but so desired, for example, about anal penetration? Sooner or later such a situation arises in each pair. Only very intelligent and squeamish representatives of the strong half of humanity do not want this. Others dream, even if they do not admit. If you decide to give in to a partner, you should know how to make an enema before anal sex. This is an important issue of hygiene and psychological comfort. In this article we will also talk about what exactly drives men at the thought of this kind of pleasure, how to prepare for anal sex physically and morally.

Most likely, to do this or not, the question foryou have already decided. Requests come almost always from men, but how to properly make an enema before anal sex, of course, worried about women. But before moving to practical advice, let's talk about why the strong sex likes this kind of penetration.

how to make an enema before anal sex

Why there?

Men do not really think about this issue. They simply want, that is, the thought of this leads them into a state of excitement. And this process is poorly controlled. Good news for ladies: 60% of partners refuse this idea after the first test. It turns out that the very thought was more pleasant than the process.

Another aspect why men want to penetratein the hole, its size. Partners who have been together for a long time, "get used to", and the man ceases to receive such great pleasure, as in the beginning of relations. Especially it concerns the giving birth to a lady. A priori, their body changes, and the vagina ceases to be as narrow. The anal opening is thin, besides it is not so easy to relax as a vagina. Therefore, the guys and is tempted to try out this forbidden fruit, which promises unearthly pleasure.

How to properly make an enema before anal sex: tips

We take the anal syringe. Prepare warm boiled water. You can specifically brew chamomile. Cool the water and fill it with a syringe, which is abundantly lubricated with special grease. We introduce an enema into the anus. Lying on its side, we inject the contents into the rectum. It is necessary to repeat the procedure several times, until the water that flows out of you becomes absolutely pure.

how to properly make an enema before anal sex tips

Esmarch's irrigator

Next we will talk about how the cleaning procedureintestines are done in medical institutions. Be careful when doing it yourself. This method requires a certain skill. Buy a mug of Esmarch in the pharmacy. Take the tip and beat it with boiling water. For the enema you need boiled water or a decoction of herbs.

It is important! Water for enema should be room temperature. Be sure to pay attention to this. If the temperature of the liquid is 37 degrees, then the water will suck, like ordinary drinking water. Be careful with the hot liquid: if it is about 40 degrees or higher, it is likely to burn the intestines.

what enema to do before anal sex

For the procedure, get on all foursand lower your head down. Insert the tip into the anal passage by 5-7 cm. Open the tap. Keep your head down all this time. You should have 1.5-2 liters of fluid. The tip should be removed, and the fluid should be held for at least 5 minutes if possible. If suddenly the boiled liquid did not bring a result, next time add a little grated laundry soap (0.5 teaspoon) to the water.

Saline solution for those who want complete purification

For her, you need to prepare 10 glasses of salted water. For these purposes, the Karlovy Vary salt (saline laxative) is more suitable. But if there is not one, then it is possible and usual.

What is salt for? The human body is designed so that ordinary water will be absorbed into the walls of the intestine, and the salted liquid, on the contrary, will remove moisture from the walls of the intestine. All products of vital functions will leave the body together with water.

Drink water for 90 minutes. Drink one glass and look at the body's reaction. You will feel the urge to empty the intestines. So gradually drink all the prepared liquid. When you drink the last glass, you must get clean water out of you. The organism can be cleared a little longer: three to four hours. After stopping the urge, you should have a snack. The diet should consist of cereals, vegetables, fruits.

Microclamation "Microlax"

This drug, packed in a tube with a spout forintroduction into the anus. The result occurs within 5-10 minutes. The drug is absolutely safe. Unlike enemas, it is not addictive. A huge plus is that "Mikrolaks" is hygienic and convenient to use.

how best to make an enema before anal sex

Composition of the preparation:

  • sodium citations,
  • sodium lauryl sulfoacetate,
  • solution of sorbitol,
  • water,
  • glycerol,
  • sorbic acid.

When is it forbidden to do an enema?

Enema with the help of a mug Esmarha can be done even with hemorrhoids. Categorically, it is not possible to carry out a cleaning procedure in the following cases:

  • Recently, an operation was performed on the intestine;
  • there is inguinal or abdominal hernia;
  • there is a risk of bleeding GIT.

The most common misconceptions about anal sex

Myth number 1. The desire for anal sex is a sign of latent homosexuality. Studies have shown that the craving for anal and non-traditional orientation are not connected in any way. It just says that the partner is looking for thrills and wants to revitalize the sex life.

Myth number 2. Anal sex is the easiest way to get infected with HIV. Indeed, when penetrating this hole, abrasions with blood often appear. Vaginal unprotected sex is as dangerous as anal. That is, the question is not so much in the "where", but in the defense. Use condoms in any kind of sex, if you are not sure about your partner.

how to make an enema at home before anal sex

Myth number 3. Anal penetration is accompanied by a terrible pain. Some even lose consciousness. And this really can be. Therefore, we need to prepare for this process. The woman will not experience discomfort if her anus is developed and ready for penetration. Anal plugs will help in this. It is not superfluous to buy lubricant with an analgesic effect. Below you will find information on the technique of anal penetration. Some ladies, having got used, can even test a jet orgasm at stimulation of a vagina and an anus simultaneously.

Myth # 4 sounds like this: "The anus can be penetrated without a condom, most importantly, know how to make an enema before anal sex." This statement is fundamentally wrong. Couples who think that they so protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies are mistaken. Sperm can penetrate the vagina through certain moves. So getting pregnant after anal sex is quite possible.

For a woman, the penetration of sperm into the intestinethreatens with indigestion and strong irritation of the intestinal walls. For a man, the consequences can be more serious. Even if a woman carefully took care of the question of how best to make an enema before anal sex, then completely get rid of all the microorganisms that live in the intestine, it is impossible. Local pathogenic microflora, which does not harm at the site of dislocation, can provoke a strong inflammation. So it's better not to take risks, but use a special thick condom.

Myth number 5. Anal sex provokes hemorrhoids. Indeed, with careless penetration in the gut, cracks can form which will lead to inflammation. If everything is done gradually and accurately, then this trouble can be avoided.

how to properly make an enema before anal sex tips

Some doctors even believe that this isprevention of hemorrhoids, and give recommendations on how to make an enema at home before anal sex. After all, the anus has muscles, as elsewhere, and their regular training is the prevention of the disease.


What an enema to do before anal sex - you decide. Any of the presented options is effective and will help you to completely relax and enjoy the coitus.

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