If I broke up with a guy, what should I do?

Very often you can hear: "I broke up with the guy, what to do and how to survive this situation?" This question, most likely, excited every girl for once in my life. Parting with your loved one, whether your boyfriend or husband, is one of the most difficult situations in a relationship. Surviving it is not easy, as it is difficult to let go of the person who was the most dear and dear to you in the world. Often the gap happens unexpectedly and people are simply not ready for it. At this point, it seems to you that life is over, there is a feeling of emptiness.

You broke up with the guy, what to do? First of all, you must understand that this period will necessarily end, this situation will not last a lifetime. There are several theories about how long it takes to survive the gap. Some argue that in order to forget a loved one you will need half the time you were together. Psychologists believe that if your relationship has been long, then it will take you about a year to survive the separation. After this period, instead of hatred and sadness, warm memories come.

The first months after parting are the mostheavy. But with each day you will be easier and easier. The most important thing is to try not to remember every minute your beloved and think that life is over. You should remember that there are a lot of other men in the world and on one person the world did not meet with a wedge. Do not forget that the difficulties in our life only bring all the good things that should happen to you. And this is only a small obstacle to your future happiness.

You have a divorce, what to do in thissituation? If you were married, then most likely your experiences will be even harder. But you must remember that if you live in the past, do not go on dates, and cease to rejoice at every day, you can never arrange your future and experience separation from your husband or boyfriend. Surely you have work, bills to pay for. Accept this as a wonderful way to escape from your torment.

You divorced your husband or broke up with a guy thatdo you continue to communicate with him or not? Do not in any way communicate with your ex. You will only stir up the past and do it yourself even more painfully. Perhaps, after some long time you can become friends. But after the break, this is simply unrealistic.

What to do after a divorce or parting with a guy:

- You can help cope with stress yourwork or study. Go into it with your head. The less you have free time for thoughts and experiences, the easier it will be for you to cope with parting.

- You must take away all gifts, photos and other things that will remind you of your former half.

- Take care of yourself! Now you will have plenty of time for a loved one. Often after parting, women stop doing themselves and this is their main mistake. After all, the more you like others, the more you will like yourself. Change your appearance: make a new haircut, go to a cosmetologist, buy new sexy clothes. Go to the gym - perfect your body.

- Be sure to communicate with your friends,share what you experience and think. Know that they are always ready to listen and help you. Do not keep your experiences in yourself, it will only get worse.

Thus, the answer to the question "I broke up withguy, what to do "should be: take care of yourself, discover new horizons, meet new people and just love yourself. After all, self-love is a novel that lasts a lifetime. Appreciate yourself and respect. And soon you will certainly get better, be sure of it, because after the parting you will have a completely new, happy life.

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