How to decorate a wedding glass by yourself: a few simple ideas

Preparation for the wedding is a matter, of course,pleasant, but extremely troublesome. After all, I want everything to be perfect this day. Better yet, if he is not like everyone else. In this in many ways can help trifles: complimentary, pads for rings, wine glasses honeymooners. Of course, all this can be bought, the benefits of shops of a similar theme are many. But it is much more pleasant to make wedding accessories with your own hands. Then you can be sure that no one else will.

how to decorate a wedding glass with your own hands

Let us dwell in more detail on how to decoratea wedding glass by own hands. There are a lot of options. They are limited only by the fantasy of the bride and groom. Great and the choice of materials for creativity. And yet one condition is: before you decorate the wedding glass with your own hands, you need to think over the style of the wedding. After all, all accessories must match the chosen subject. So, here are a few options.

Lace is the most popular material inwedding subjects. Will not be an exception and glasses, especially since it is not difficult to get an effective accessory with its help. To do this, wrap our lace with a lace, measure the required length. Do not forget to leave a little to smell. The width of a piece of fabric will depend on our desire: the glass can be wrapped with lace, or maybe just have a narrow edging. The resulting rectangle is just gently glued to the glass.

Interesting look wedding glasses, decoratedpolymer clay. From this plastic material you can create a variety of flowers, figurines. When the blanks are made, they need to be baked (temperature and time usually indicate on the package). The resulting details are again pasted to the wine glass.

wedding glasses decorated with polymer clay

Smart, festive and romantic look crystalsand beads on wedding glasses. With their help, you can create any drawing, make an inscription, or you can simply paste them in a chaotic order, creating the illusion of a scattering of stars. For convenience, it is better to take flat elements on one side - they will hold better.

how to beautifully decorate wedding glasses

Thinking over how to decorate a wedding glasswith your own hands, do not underestimate the paint. Acrylic or stained glass are perfect for painting. If you have creative abilities, then it will not be difficult for you to come up with a composition and draw it. And if not, then you do not need to get upset either. You can go for small tricks. For example, purchase special stickers-stencils, attach them to a glass and color them. And you can print any pictures on an ordinary printer, put them on the inside of the glass and draw on the glass, as if on a tracing paper. To the sheet with the stencil is not displaced, it can be moistened with a little water. Subjects of drawings can be different. Traditional flowers, romantic doves or humorous skulls all depend on the attachments and sense of humor of the newlyweds.

glass painting

glass painting

Of course, all these ways can be combined with each other: lace - with beads, painting - with rhinestones, and flowers made of polymer clay will look great with satin ribbons.

So, we were convinced that the problem is how to decoratea wedding glass by one's own hands, is not at all insoluble. By the way, it is necessary to stock up with several such accessories, because young people traditionally break them for happiness. But you want to save something in memory of this important day. And who knows - suddenly adorned with lovingly the glasses of the young will be useful to them on the golden jubilee. Or their children who do not have to ask: "How beautifully to decorate wedding glasses?"

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