How to apologize to a girl?

How to apologize to a girl? It would seem, which is simpler - he said "forgive" and is ready. But it was not there. By virtue of their nature, women are much more acute than men, experiencing even the slightest bitterness, resentment and other injustices in their address. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a whole strategy in order to have as much chance as possible of deserving forgiveness from the girl.

But first let's see why the girlcan render in forgiveness. Most likely, it's too hurt your behavior (inattention or more serious misconduct). She's going through your quarrel hundreds of times, feeling at the same time that she deserves better treatment. Another hindrance to forgiveness can serve self-esteem and pride (more precisely pride), as well as the opinion of girlfriends or mother.

But one thing is for sure - there is no such situation,when it would be absolutely impossible to apologize to a girl. Everything depends entirely on your desire, purposefulness and, of course, a good knowledge of female psychology. And if the first two qualities are your personal qualities, then about the latter you addressed to the address. Below we will give recommendations that will help you achieve the result.

How to apologize to a girl: take a break

Meanwhile, as you have committed a misdemeanor and yourAn apology is bound to pass the time. First, the girl's emotions during this time will subside, and you will have a better chance of getting forgiveness. Secondly, if you do not "show signs of life" for several days, the offended beauty will believe that you have become aware of your guilt and are thinking about your inappropriate behavior. In any case, she will be impressed. Thirdly, if the "timeout" is delayed, then the girl will start to torment her doubts - maybe she herself is to blame for the quarrel and you really are "pouting for her". At the last variant of development of events there is a probability of that she will become bored and itself will suggest to reconcile.

How to apologize to a girl: talk tete-a-tete

When in your opinion the right pause is sustained, notit is worth calling a girl or writing an SMS with a request to forgive you - it's fashionable, modern and this is too ordinary. This may not impress her. It will be best to appear to the girl in person. In extreme cases, write her a real letter (on paper) and send it by courier.

In this case, in a letter or in person, givethe girl to understand that she is special, unique and very much means to you. She must believe, see, realize that no one will treat her better than you. Tell her in all sincerity, to which only are able, all the good things that you think about her, and do not focus on the details of the quarrel. They do not wave their fists after a fight, so if you came to receive forgiveness, you should not remember again the situation, because of which there was a quarrel (even if it happened because of the girl's fault). Once you decided to apologize, then, a priori, they admitted their wrong.

Asking forgiveness is better, as it issurprisingly, with empty hands. Bouquets, sweets and valuable gifts - all this, of course, is fine and you need a relationship with a girl. But let it all be later, when you make up. The fact that some of the fair sex can perceive your gifts from the heart as an attempt to buy their forgiveness. And it will be extremely unpleasant for them.

How to apologize to a girl: Tell the whole world about your feelings

If the girl still has not forgiven you,try to surprise her with your imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Do not limit yourself to a simple inscription on the asphalt under its windows, order a huge poster with an apology from the advertising agency, which you will then need to place near its entrance. Or order the delivery of a huge amount of balloons to the office where your beloved is working, or the institution where she is studying, so that all of her colleagues, bosses, become witnesses of your apologies. In such conditions it will be simply inconvenient for her to show herself to be a cold and proud person. You can negotiate with musicians and perform a serenade, for example, in Spanish. Print out your joint photos. Of these, you can make a large collage and install it on her work, in the entrance or in an educational institution. And you can write letters "P", "R", "O", "C", "T", "I" on individual sheets and give them to random passers-by, explaining to them the essence of such a small but very important performance for you .

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