How to give beautiful money for a wedding: tips

How to give beautiful money for a wedding? Now this issue is of concern to many. After all, the prospective newlyweds, as a rule, ask that the presents should be monetary. But not every guest will want to insert banknotes into the postcard. So we have to look for original ideas. And this article helps you. However, the following tips on how to give beautiful money for a wedding, are suitable for other celebrations.

how to give beautiful money for a wedding
Original options

If you have acting skills, you cantry to make a whole presentation from the gift giving process. You will need to put together a company of three or four friends. They all wear sunglasses, pick up toy guns, and the money is in the case. So, one of the "bandits" to the music from the movie "Brigade" enters the hall, checks the situation and gives a good signal to the rest. The main "bandit" hands the newlyweds a briefcase with the words that the deal was made.

There are options and simpler, if you do not know howbeautifully to give money for the wedding. Tie the bills to the balloons filled with helium, then fold them into a large box. Now you can ask the newlyweds to open a present. Balls with bills will effusively skyrocket to the ceiling. The main thing is to calculate the length of the thread so that you do not have to jump high after the money.

congratulations on the wedding gift money
And here is another version of the witty miniature. Bring simply bills with no envelope or postcards. At the right time, hand them to the groom and ask him to put them in his pocket. The people around will be at a loss. But after the bills are in the groom's pocket, you should ask him to give it to his wife and say: "That's what it is, family life."

If you are a creative person and love differentcrafts, then make a newly married couple a savings account. For this, a photo album is taken, its pages are decorated with bills and funny poems on the theme of what each note is intended for. Use photos, postcards, stickers and stuff. The result depends on your imagination and skill.

beautifully to give money for a wedding

Try to attach money to the insideumbrella. At the same time, opening it, you need to report that the weather in the house is most important. Here's another version of how to give beautiful money for a wedding. Buy an original chest, similar to the antique, fill it with coins, bills, bright stones.

You can buy an interesting book about marriage. And the most interesting places in it lay bills. The way is also spread: money is put in a plastic bag and placed on the bottom, for example, a keg with honey, jars with jam and so on. At the same time, the wishes of a sweet life should sound.

There is another option, how to give beautiful money towedding. You can present a cash vase. To do this, put it inside with bills, secure them with foil. The vase can be filled with sweets. An excellent option - put in the photo frame money picture in the form of a butterfly, a flower, a tree and so on. Buy a beautiful ship in a souvenir shop, and attach bills instead of sails.

Do not forget that the presentation of the presentation shouldcontinue congratulations for the wedding. A gift of "money" is not at all a banal idea, if it is competent and imaginative to approach its design. You can not do without warm words, which you better think of yourself, and not download from the Internet.

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