Decoration of the hall for the wedding: how to choose?

In the difficult matter of organizing a weddingcelebrations every year there are more and more innovations, interesting and unusual, which make it possible to turn a wedding into a real fairy tale for guests and newlyweds. Such an innovation in the past few years has been the decoration of the hall for the wedding. Previously, this word meant a banal table setting and, as a maximum, hung balloons and arranged vases under the flowers, which the guests would give to the bride.

decoration of the hall for a wedding
But the decoration of the hall for a wedding now is a bigwork, which is often engaged in special people - artists, designers. There are even whole agencies involved in wedding decor. So if you are in for this joyous occasion, contact an agency like this to get a real banquet hall, and not just a couple of tables in a cafe or dining room. But before you pay a visit to such an agency, it is worth considering how you see the decor of your wedding hall.

decoration of the hall for a wedding photo
The first decoration of the hall for a wedding isfestive arch. There the newlyweds welcome their guests, congratulations and gifts are accepted under it, and a photo session with the guests of the holiday is held. It can be decorated with balloons - it's a budget option. And you can make an exclusive arch of flowers and plants. Such an ornament will look unusual and stylish. What you need to remember when decorating the arch: it must be maintained in the same color scheme as the whole decoration of the hall.

For this reason, before visiting the decorator,examine the room where the wedding will take place: what color are the walls, curtains, tablecloths in the hall. Based on this information, think about the color scheme of the decor. Traditionally, gentle colors are used: pastel, beige, white - the colors of the wedding. In addition, a good solution will be to choose a single color scheme in the decoration of the hall and, for example, the bridal bouquet, the bridegroom's bride and witnesses. Such decor will look organically on the photos and attract the deserved attention.

If you are lost, what other than the arch, choosedecoration of the hall for a wedding, photos in special wedding magazines will be able to help you. There are provided real photos from the portfolio of decorators, and you can determine both the decor features and the choice of the decorator right away. Pay attention to such a fashionable version of the decoration for the wedding, like a candy bar. This is a special table, filled with sweets to treat guests. In this case, all the confectionery products on it have a single color scheme and decoration in the wedding spirit. Guests will be pleased to receive a mini-meal of this kind for memory, and the candy bar itself will look stylish in the wedding hall.

hall decoration at a wedding price
In addition, choosing the decoration of the hall for the wedding,Determine the choice of colors. Now the bouquets on the tables, boutonnières with the name of the guest on each plate, as well as floral garlands and wreaths have become almost a must for wedding decoration. Choose flowers that will stay fresh for a long time, but do not have too much flavor, so that you and the guests are comfortable staying indoors during the whole evening.

So, you have chosen the decoration of the hall for the wedding. Prices for decorators on average differ little, therefore consider the portfolio of each firm and choose the one that you have to your heart. Communicate with the person who will be engaged in decor. If you immediately find a common language and like each other - this is almost a 100% guarantee that your wedding will be like a fairy tale, at least in its design.

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