For those who care about how to lose their virginity painlessly

Every person comes to life in such a waythe moment when there is a desire to have sex. And in order that this desire is not lost in the future, you need to follow certain recommendations that will help to decide how to lose painlessly virginity. In addition, these recommendations will help to get pleasure from the whole process.

How painless to lose virginity

Usually the first sex is not able to bringpleasure, about which so many people like to tell. Therefore, because of negative emotions that arise due to unsuccessful sexual intercourse, adolescents often acquire a deep psychological trauma. It is necessary to understand that in depriving virginity it is very important to do everything correctly. Otherwise, problems with the opposite sex will continue to torment for a very long time.

First, do not solve the problem of howpainlessly lose his virginity, with the first guy caught. Even despite the fact that many people say about the pleasure of sex, it is not necessary to hurry with this until a true desire appears. Secondly, we must choose the partner to whom you are experiencing not just sympathy. It is not enough to feel free in bed and, accordingly, to answer the question of how to lose painlessly virginity, it will not work. Remember, the first sex remains in memory for life, so the partner must be trusted completely. And yet, do not be afraid to raise the conversation on intimate topics. The more you talk about it, the more confident you can feel. Thirdly, it is necessary to be protected. Most likely, not many want to become pregnant after the first sexual experience. In addition, the lubricant, which is covered with condoms, can reduce discomfort. And more, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions. A clean bed, a pleasant atmosphere, adherence to hygiene rules - all this will help to resolve the issues that have arisen about how to lose your virginity painlessly.


Remember and about some errors that you canadmit because of inexperience. So, what needs to be done to reduce pain at the first sexual experience? You should know that excitement is a bad helper in a case like deprivation of virginity. Features of human physiology are such that during stressful situations, sharp muscle spasms usually begin, which do not bear anything good in themselves. In addition, the pain appears only at the beginning, so there is no reason for panic as such. And if you can get rid of excitement and relax, then unpleasant moments will be much less. Also, you should not make unnecessarily sharp movements. And too much to delay the first sex, too, is not worth it, since the likelihood of an increase in pain is increasing. In addition, if you experience a feeling of discomfort, then do not be silent. Try to immediately report this to your partner, who will be able to influence the situation.

Deprivation of virginity features of physiology

Guided by these rules, you can notworry about the question of how to lose painlessly virginity. If everything is done as described above, then the first sexual experience will be remembered only from the positive side.

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