Love has gone, how to return it, or how to make a whole harem of one wife?

What to do if love has passed, and how is it notto admit? The answer to this question was given in ancient times by the Eastern wise men in the "Canon of Family Happiness". Carrying out simple recommendations, each woman will be able to create strong family relationships and look to the future with confidence.

Rule number 1. Every 40 days to turn from a husband and wife into a bride and groom.

Each of us often hears complaints of his friendsand friends, and perhaps, he himself complains that his family life "ate" life and the former love passed. For many, everyday routine has turned into a bloodthirsty monster who has settled in the house and devours family happiness. Of course, such a position is a very convenient way to relieve all responsibility for what is happening. But people trying to maintain their relationship, it is necessary to answer the simple question: "Who determines the order of the flow of life, which follows the family?" Obviously, this is the work of the spouses themselves. And if the existing situation has become a burden, it must be changed.

Instead of wasting energy on sayingto each other endless accusations and decide that love has passed irrevocably, it is possible to introduce a new family tradition - every 40 days to arrange a holiday for two. To appoint a spouse to a meeting in a cafe where an acquaintance happened, buy tickets for your favorite movie or arrange a homemade dinner, cooking the most favorite dishes - anything, anything. The main thing is that these events lead to an emotional rapprochement and allow us to forget about the annoying daily routine.

Rule number 2. You can not consider your spouse your property.

Many wives and husbands have recklessnessto believe that the presence of a stamp in the passport guarantees the stay of the second half in the family, regardless of any circumstances. This misconception often leads to a disparaging attitude to the needs of the orchestra and the desire to redraw it for themselves. It is worth knowing about the basic habits and hobbies of a potential spouse before the wedding and learning how to accept them as an immutable given. Otherwise, family life will turn into a great disappointment.

Rule number 3. Every 40 days change its appearance.

Science quite convincingly proves the fact thatman came from the monkey, and for the males of these animals polygamy is characteristic. Even if Darwin was wrong, there are no hints that the ancestors of people are swans or pigeons, famous for their fidelity, does not exist. Of course, there are men who can live with a woman all their lives and not look around, but their number tends to zero. If the husband began to pay attention to other ladies, do not think that love has gone forever, animal instincts are easy enough to deceive. Nowadays, there are many ways to change the appearance: from all sorts of home remedies to plastic surgery. In an extreme measure, of course, not worth it, but the periodic change of wardrobe, makeup and hair can quite create the illusion of being with another woman.

It is also important to remember that when you go out into the street,the husband sees a lot of beautiful well-groomed persons, and his house is met every day by his wife in a moth-eaten gown and pre-revolutionary slippers. These lovely things should be thrown out as quickly as possible and purchased several variants of erotic home clothes, so that upon returning home the husband's comparisons would not be in favor of outsiders.

Rule number 4. Every 40 days to change the scents.

In this case, it's not just about spirits. In everyday life, many substances are used that have a smell: soap, shampoos, air fresheners, dishwashing detergents, etc. Often, these flavors are not realized, but they are perceived by the subconscious and are capable of causing certain associations, and therefore, affect the emotional background. If, for example, during quarrels the wife often washed dishes with a certain means, his smell will automatically cause a feeling of irritation and discomfort. The quality of our life depends largely on small things, so do not neglect them.

Rule number 5. Every 40 days to change the bed

It's not about replacing dirty laundry with clean,it can be done at least every day, but if the color scheme remains the same, the desired effect will not be. A new woman associates a man with a new bed, and if in the evenings her husband periodically discovers a beautifully and unusually laid up matrimonial bed, which is not at all in the corner where yesterday, and even with his wife in sexy underwear, he is unlikely to have any thoughts about The fact that love has passed and we should have a novel on the side.

Rule number 6. Every 40 days to change the kitchen.

This recommendation applies not only to the menu, but also to theto dishes, tablecloths on the table and the interior of the kitchen as a whole. Eating on-duty dishes from the same plates for many years is a very tedious task, which can lead to a more pleasant place to eat.

Rule number 7 - the most important thing.

It is necessary to comply with at least 2-3 recommendations onthroughout her life, then the husband will be interested in maintaining a relationship with his wife. The ancient sages said: "To bind a man to a family, you need to create a bliss at home that he will not meet anywhere else."

How to understand that love has passed? The implementation of these rules will help to answer this question. If the partner for a long time does not react in any way to the changes that are taking place and does not make any attempts to draw closer, it may be time to think about parting.

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