How to decorate a wedding car beautifully and correctly

At the wedding, everything should be perfect: the bride's dress and hair, the groom's costume, elegant guests, a beautiful festive hall and, of course, a properly decorated wedding cortege.

how to decorate a wedding car
The question of how to decorate a wedding car isOne row with the design of the banquet hall and the choice of the place for the photo session. The tradition of decorating the vehicle accompanying the newlyweds, originates even in Russia. Then the married people sat down on a playful troika, decorated with bells, bells and ribbons, and rode around the city, informing everyone around that the two loving souls had found each other.

Before the solemn event, the bridegroom and the bride care, and so full of mouth, so questions about how to decorate the wedding car, photo and video, fall on the shoulders of friends and relatives.

You take the vehicle for rent atspecial agency? Then it will be processed already on the spot, and you do not have to puzzle over how to decorate the wedding car. The main thing is to discuss in advance how and in what style it will be decorated, so that there is no misunderstanding.

than decorate a wedding car 100

Options than decorate a wedding car, 100 andeven more. As a decor everything is used: ribbons, bows, dolls of the bride and groom, rings, bells, bells, colored tinsel, special stickers, soft toys and even whole installations. Here you can safely give vent to your imagination. The main thing is that in the end everything looked harmonious and was firmly fixed on the body. It should be borne in mind that the small elements will be poorly visible and, most likely, will not produce the proper effect on others. First of all, this refers to bows and ribbons - the wider the latter, the more beautiful they will develop. Tapes are better to fix on the sides or behind the car, so that they are not thrown by an occasional gust of wind on the windshield. In order to keep the flowers firmly, a special fastener is used. You should not save on it if you do not want unpleasant accidents to happen during the journey.

how to decorate a wedding car photo
Two machines look very advantageous at oncedecorations: one on the front or rear bumper, and the second on the roof. The car in which the guests are traveling should be distinguished and be more elegant than the rest of the cortege. It is desirable that all the accompanying cars be made in the same style. It is accepted at registration of transport to use colors of a wedding leitmotif.

As an interesting alternative to the standarda variant of how to decorate a wedding car, beautiful satin or silk fabric can be used. It is framed by rings, bells, and in the middle a composition of artificial or natural colors is set. Of course, here, unlike the bouquet of the bride and the celebration hall, it is preferable to use synthetic analogues. After all, from the bad weather, frosts and strong wind on the wedding day, no one is immune. In such conditions, real flowers very quickly lose their entire appearance and will not look festive at all.

Before decorating a wedding car,make sure that all this beauty will not interfere with the driver and block his view. After all, it is safe to get to the place of celebration where it is more important than all the aesthetics taken together.

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