How to get acquainted with a man? Tips based on personal experience

How to get acquainted with a man? A question that has not lost its relevance for centuries. Let's try to figure out how to do this today, in conditions of total employment and the weakening of social ties.

To begin with, you need to decide for yourself whether you really want to get to know a man and what you are willing to do for this.

I have a friend who has been for many years,korotaya in the kitchen lonely evenings, complains that he can not find a "boyfriend", because "all the peasants are goats". At the same time, she overlooks that for acquaintance you need, at least, to put yourself in order and leave the house. In addition, deciding to find a potential groom or at least a friend you need to clearly realize: a man is also a person. Dear ladies, remember: all men are different and, although "goats" are also found, it is not worthwhile to row them under one comb.

If you feel that you are ready to change your behavior, go to the second stage.

It is necessary to correctly identify the place where you canto meet a good, noble, decent man. Ie, before you look for an answer to the question of how to get acquainted with a man, you will have to decide where to do it.

Remember, not all men are suitable for the role of husband. It is not necessary to get acquainted with guys who are opposed to all women in general (such also occur). Bachelors for forty, "zhenatiki", gentlemen who do not have a permanent source of income, don Juan are excluded immediately. We need a lonely, decent, stable acquaintance.

Where can I find such a partner? How to get acquainted with a man who meets these criteria? Start to smile. Note how many women walk the streets either frowning or completely withdrawing from themselves. Start looking around, smile like men, even if it's just a fellow traveler on the bus. By the way, another friend of mine with her husband met this way: asked to help her take out of the bus a heavy bag. They have been together for many years.

Start visiting places where you can meetsingle, but decent gentlemen. This can be a friendly party or a wedding of friends (an ideal place to meet people), trips to nature. At such events, it is guaranteed that all those present will be decent (others usually do not invite the company), and the friendly atmosphere will facilitate acquaintance.

Ask your friends to introduce you to lonely Just keep in mind: do not expect that a new acquaintance will marry you right away. Everything has its time, and friendly relations, turning into courtship, but only then in the wedding are usually the most strong. Even if you simply stay in friendly relations, life will become brighter, the number of hours spent alone will be reduced.

How to get acquainted with a man in public places? There is an opinion that it is good to do in cafes, clubs, gyms. But older people move, which require joint action.

There is another way of dating, verymodern from my point of view. If you, dear ladies, are reading this article, it means that you know firsthand what is going on in clubs and cafes rarely, most often with your "half". And in the gyms, athletes of both sexes, firstly, are engaged every day at different times, and, secondly, their training requires not communication, but, on the contrary, concentration on their actions. Therefore, deciding on an acquaintance in the hall, be guided by those kinds of sports Internet. Some people are frightened of dating a man on the Internet. But, believe me, the chances of meeting a rogue in "real" are not less. I met my husband online. Moreover, it was not even a dating site. In my blog, I posted quite contentious for me information. The future husband was among those who commented on my opinion. Communication began. Gradually we went through the whole chain: correspondence in the network - ICQ - Skype - telephone communication - a real meeting. During the time of communication, we learned about each other's interests, the nature of the character. At the time of online dating we lived in opposite parts of Russia, and now we have been living together for four years now.

Attend forums, read and comment blogs,wander through social networks. If you choose the right forum and way of communication, you will have more friends. And then ... Who knows. Just do not confuse virtual flirting with a real desire to acquire friends.

There is a proven method of online dating: dating websites. Here, too, has its own characteristics. Unfortunately, I know several sites, the questionnaires for which are ordered by the re-writers. Therefore, before you leave information about yourself on the site, check its decency and reliability. Read the messages on the forums, try to contact those who used the services of this service. Messages bot from real communication is easy to distinguish.

How to get acquainted with a man? Act. Do not sit at home, do not complain about loneliness, be active and cheerful.

Act, and let lucky you smile.

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