The first date with a guy. Basic principles

The first date with a guy is always a special risk. Here the most important thing is to present yourself correctly, so that he again wants to see you. First of all, it is worthwhile to fully think over your image: a competent combination of clothes and makeup, behavior appropriate to the situation, and so on. In order to merge all the trifles together, we need to invent an image for ourselves and stick to it throughout the evening. It is worth knowing in advance where the meeting will take place, depending on this, pick out the outfit.

questions to the guy on the first date


A competent selection of clothes on the first date will help create a good impression of you. If a girl makes a mistake with the image, she will look ridiculous, and a man next to her will be embarrassed by it.
Previously, the fantasy of a strong half of humanitylimited to going to a restaurant, a movie or a walk under the moon. Today, in an age of active use of the global network and modern technologies, men are becoming more original. The first date with a guy can take place on a sports game or in the pool, at a disco or in karaoke, some extremals can choose and more sophisticated places for a close acquaintance.

what to say to a guy on a date

If the meeting is in the restaurant or karaoke,put on a cocktail dress, classic high-heeled shoes. Create a romantic hairstyle and add bright notes in the usual make-up. The accent should be on the romantic, create the image of an innocent young girl with burning eyes. At the disco, you obviously have to dance a lot, so carefully choose shoes, do not wear new shoes or at too high heels, after a few hours, such shoes will make themselves felt, and the rest of the evening will have to worry only about their aching legs. If the meeting is to be in a mass place with increased activity, for example, on a rink or in a bowling alley, in a stadium or on the beach, it is worth emphasizing the functionality of the outfit. In such places, shoes and short skirts will look ridiculous, and an evening dress will make a woman a black sheep. In this case, for the first date, jeans or a sports suit, then, in which you can move freely, will do. Of course, the chosen outfit is unlikely to show the girl from the very sexy side, but can help emphasize the highlight of the lady. For example, jeans with a T-shirt and stylish sneakers are emphasized in a woman's harmony and looseness. In addition, in a sports suit a woman can show her physical training. Make-up and hairstyle should be daytime, without particular brightness and brilliance. For example, an evening hairstyle is unlikely to be combined with a T-shirt, and the red lipstick does not look good with a sports jacket. To create a complete image, make a high "ponytail" and make your lips a gentle transparent shine.
If the first date with a guy is scheduled in a more extreme place, it is better to specify in advance the appearance, so as not to spoil the evening with trifles.

Questions to the guy on the first date

The image created by a woman should be competentlycombined with communication. A man will not want to spend time with the silent doll sitting next to him. But I do not need to talk about everything either. Think in advance the main topics for the conversation, what questions it is necessary to ask a man to better know him. No need to arrange an interrogation, interesting facts from the life of the chosen one can be recognized unobtrusively, between the lines. To do this, it is better to choose topics for conversation, the most interesting to the interlocutor. But it is worth considering that the woman herself must at least understand something about this. If the choice fell on a conversation about sports, it is better to back up your knowledge and vocabulary in advance. The topic of the weather will take a maximum of 10 minutes of time, and talking about work can lead a man out of himself.

first date with a guy
Ideal, setting both sides onpositive, - travel. Ask where he went on vacation, what he particularly liked. It would seem that a simple topic, but how much you can find out: what kind of cuisine he likes, how he spends his free time, what he likes. The thing is that it is on vacation that a person belongs to himself and can only do his favorite things. In addition, pleasant memories will help a man to relax and open up. The most ideal coincidence on the first date is the same rest places, albeit not together.

What to say to a guy on a date

It is very important to decide what to tellthe guy about himself. Do not constantly talk incessantly, give him the opportunity to ask something. Remain a mystery, intrigue. But in any case, do not try to deceive the interlocutor or at least lie. All secret sooner or later will come true. Do not write stories about yourself, if you are counting on a long and serious relationship. The first date with a guy should be the basis for them, and durability and seriousness depend only on you.

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