When can you have sex after cesarean? Sex after cesarean - through how much?

The main event in the life of every woman is birthchild. But after all, births completely change the female body, especially if the baby's appearance did not happen naturally, but thanks to the operation. Therefore, you never know for sure how your body will react to the first session of sex after cesarean section.

What do the doctor's say?

Does the world have a heavy workload on women?body, rather than bearing the child and his birth? Although once passed through these tests, women will agree that this is not only a physical, but an incredible moral burden. therefore

Having sex with cesarean
overcome the psychological barrier associated with deformations in the body, and return to normal sexual life is not so simple.

If we talk about the physiological sideof the question, most doctors say that the time when you can have sex after a cesarean comes after at least 5-6 weeks after the operation. This conclusion is motivated by the fact that this time is enough for the body to acquire a normal postnatal state. Although some gynecologists allow their patients to resume intimate intimacy almost immediately after the birth of the child, if, of course, the woman herself wants it. But the most cautious experts believe that sex a month after cesarean is very dangerous, as it threatens with additional bleeding and microcracks, so in this case, 2 months is the minimum period of abstinence.

Possible consequences

To not guess, try after giving birthperiodically visit your gynecologist - he will help individually determine the readiness of your body for sexual intercourse with a man. Such consultations of specialists often save careless young ladies from the occurrence of all kinds of infections and bleeding.

To understand the cause of such consequences, it is necessary to recall the very nature

Sex after cesarean through how much
the birth of children. It's all about the wound that results from the separation of the placenta from the surface of the uterus, which may be unfortunate enough to disturb too early sex after cesarean. After how much this wound completely heals, only your doctor can tell. Therefore, do not rush, it is better to wait longer than to be treated for an infectious disease.

In addition, the tissues and ligaments of the genital organswomen after the birth of a child are subjected to significant deformation, and while they regain their former form and elasticity, it can take several months. This process is accompanied by pain, therefore, even if the doctor says that you can already have sex after cesarean, do it gently and slowly, do not particularly zealous with intricate poses.

Psychology or physics?

It can be confidently asserted that eacha woman who feels all the "delights" of the delivery process, experiences at least the slightest, but still fear of the first affinity with a man. And even if during the birth of the baby there were no complications, we will still cheat ourselves and worry about possible pains and tears. So we moved on to the issue of the psychological burden that the first sex after childbirth entails. Cesarean section is an operation that leaves a trace behind it. Many girls and up to

Sex after birth by cesarean
genera groundlessly complex about theirappearance, experiencing for an imperfect tummy. What can we say now, with the appearance of this scar on the half-animal! As a result, newly mums often do not let their husbands to their warped, as they think, body.

But in fact, it's not like that at all! Men in fact get married not only on a beautiful figure - they have other women's dignities. Why should a woman feel even the slightest inconvenience from intimacy with a man to whom she "heroically" presented the child? Think about the following: another name for Caesarean is the "royal section". So, maybe, in the eyes of your husband, you are a real "queen" who sacrificed her beauty for the sake of a new life?

What do gynecologists advise?

Is there a time when you can have sex after cesarean section? In each individual case, the answer may be different. First, what to draw

You can have sex after cesarean
attention, - the degree of healing of the seam. But you can not trust the appearance only, go through ultrasound. And only after that you can find out for sure whether your body is ready for intimacy. If the answer of your doctor is positive, then, most likely, he will recommend you to first adhere to a few simple rules when having sex:

  • Use special lubricants, because the hormonal background after delivery is disrupted, which often leads to excessive dryness of the vagina. As an alternative, enjoy the prelude a little longer.
  • Let the first time be slow. Ask your husband not to rush and make all movements smoothly.
  • The chosen posture should be such that the woman herself could control the whole process.

When you can have sex after cesarean
If the pain does not leave you onfor a long time, then tell the doctor about it. Then, if possible, he will offer you a procedure for covering the vagina with cream with estrogen. But this option is not recommended for nursing mothers, because it affects the intensity of milk production.

What do sexologists advise?

So, you have chosen the time when you can studyhaving sex after cesarean. If you have decided this way, then your body requires relaxation and full return to the captivity of passion. But how can this be done if only the thoughts about the possible disappointment of the husband come to my mind? Do not get hung up on this - with absolute certainty it can be argued that his love for you arose not because of your then flat stomach. And now it is unlikely that he will cease to love you because of the trifle strip on your body. Simply put yourself in the place of a lover: would your attitude toward him change if he had such a scar? Of course not. So do not torture yourself or him, but think better and remember what your man loves, what gets him.

How to prepare for the "first" sex?

The first thing that comes to mind is the eroticbelishko, which so zazruzhit your partner's head, that he even think of forgetting about anything else. Preference is given to a short, transparent top and slightly darkened underneath the carpet that will definitely help you feel again beautiful and

Sex after cesarean reviews
desired. If you take into account the fact that the young man missed your body pretty much, then believe me, both of you will like this kind of sex after cesarean. Reviews of your men will prove it to you!

So, the moment of intimacy has come, andyour main task now is to step back from all the problems and worries, to throw out of your head the thoughts about the baby and diapers, about the scar on your stomach and possible discomfort. After all, as they say, thoughts materialize, and if you do not wind yourself, the chances of a good romantic evening will increase significantly.

Listen to your body

Psychologists say that the resumption of sexualcommunication after birth is accompanied in most women by serious psychological issues. But only a woman can determine when you can have sex after cesarean - you just need to listen to your body for this. If you do not feel special postnatal tension or fatigue, sleep normally at night, you do not worry about your scar after the operation, and you do not feel any discomfort, then your body is ready to return to normal family life.

For more self-confidence, try more oftenlook at your body in the mirror. Thus, you will get used to this, as it seems to you, a shortcoming and stop completely noticing it. Falling in love with yourself again, you will become even more confident in yourself, a woman, and even a happy wife and mother.

Modern medicine can all

Reminder of births on your stomach, scar aftercaesarean section, is delayed very quickly, as the body regains its prenatal state. But if you are so picky about your appearance, and a scar hardly noticeable does not give you rest, then do not worry - modern medicine

sex a month after caesarean
is able to work miracles and get rid of any traces of surgical intervention.

The most effective method of combating scarring inToday, laser resurfacing is considered a body. Only 6-7 procedures and one and a half to two months - and on your stomach there will not be a single trace of the scar that bothers you. It will also be necessary to apply special preparations that support the regeneration of tissues.

If you can not decide on such procedures, thenstill think, perhaps, so the bored you scar completely and does not spoil your body, but on the contrary - decorates it, reminding about the birth of your child.

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