Beer "Duff" - the famous intoxicating drink from the legendary series "The Simpsons"

Let's get acquainted with the Simpsons - colorfula filmed family that implanted in our lives. Every second person knows about the stories from the life of a popular couple. This animated series is watched and loved in all corners of the planet, and it's not for nothing. From the side it may seem as if there is no humor in the cartoon, phrases with a rating of "18+", and the behavior is immoral. In fact, the series teaches us kindness, forgiveness, love.

beer duff

Watching the "Simpsons", you will get to know the world, wherethere is room for mistakes, and no one is ashamed of this. In this article, we will tell you not just about the series, but about the acclaimed brand of beer "Duff", which more recently became a legendary alcoholic beverage sold all over the world.

The nature of Homer and why he drinks beer

In many countries it is considered traditionalto spend time in the company of friends for a mug of fresh and fragrant beer. Europe, the United States, Russia - all countries promote this not quite healthy, but alluring idea. Therefore it is considered normal on a fine Sunday to drink a jar of cold intoxicating drink in front of the TV while the wife is preparing a traditional dinner.

Homer Simpson is an average person,who works at a nuclear power plant, has a wife and brings up three children. The whole couple of Simpsons lives in a small town called Springfield, which is famous for its quality and delicious drink.

duff beer from the simpsons

Beer "Duff" is made directly in the prosperoussettlement, therefore in all bars and shops this brand is sold. Since Homer Simpson is too greedy to buy elite alcoholic beverages, he became a true fan of local beer. About this, by the way, says his round belly.

Why are there so many beers in the cartoon?

The reason is simple: such an animated series as "The Simpsons", is designed to reflect the real culture of the American people. All stories, models of people's behavior are taken from actual examples. Literally in each series, Homer Simpson and Duff beer are inseparable friends, but there is an explanation for this too. The fact is that for several decades television has been overloaded with commercials that scream about alcohol and nicotine products. The authors of the animated series decided to create their own non-existent brand of beer and show it in frames with the same importunity as marketers do in our modern world.

homer and beer duff

An interesting fact: the series creates parodies not only on beer advertising. He with the inexorable pressure derides famous brands and show business stars.

Symbol and type of drink

In Springfield, beer "Duff" is everywhere. But which popular product exists without its mascot? It was for this reason that Duffman was created - a man who walks in blue overalls, has a red cloak, and his belt is made of a dozen beer cans. Duffman does not disclose his identity, he just as persistently appears in the camera, as well as commercials on TV. In some series, the viewer can see Sadz MacDuff, a dog who is also a symbol of an intoxicating drink.

beer duff

The appearance of the product is attractive: a red box, a white square and a cartoon label. For an attractive jar of cold beer "Duff" Homer Simpson is ready for anything. Every fan of the series knows about this.

Real product

Until recently, the famous drink was notmore than part of the animation series. However, over the 20 years of the existence of the animated film, Duff beer began to be made in the real world. Unfortunately, such a drink is not sold in Russia. It can only be found on specialized sites or in European shops.

Legendary Duff Beer

Inspired by the popularity of the animated series,German company Brewmasters Gebeaut received the right to create a beer "Duff", using the usual label for us and the color gamut. The cost of the product (volume 0.33 ml) does not exceed 6 dollars. However, this cost of intoxicating drink is scary, because the average price for a similar product from popular companies is 1-2 dollars.

homer simpson and beer duff

Interesting fact: Duff beer from The Simpsons is actively manufactured and sold in the territoryChile, Mexico and Europe. In the United States, it is almost impossible to find an intoxicating drink, as the legendary creator of the animation project, Matt Groening, did not authorize the production of Duff. The reason is simple: the show is loved by both adults and children. Issue a company of beer under a well-known label, everyone will immediately run to try it, including minors. This Matt Groening could not allow, however, and prohibit the sale of the famous alcoholic beverage is not able. Anyone can enjoy light and illuminating beer, ordering it in international online stores.

Beer review

Despite the fact that the series enjoyspopularity, beer did not cause a storm of enthusiasm for the Russian consumer. It's a bit watery, not a rich and light drink, like a lot on store shelves in the country. The only thing that attracts is the famous packaging. Fans of the "Simpsons" note that the intoxicating drink helped them feel like a part of the famous film adaptation, but the taste and quality of the beer do not correspond to the declared characteristics. Yes, and the price for a small container is too "sky-high".

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