"Thirteenth feat of Hercules." Iskander F.A.

It was the "Thirteenth feat of Hercules" by Iskander anda few other stories about childhood became the beginning of his prose. All these works are small and touching. But the moral questions raised in them are far from being childish.

thirteenth feat of the Herculean the Seeker
The stories deal with the concepts of insidiousness, honor and dishonor, cowardice, dignity and betrayal. Appeal to childhood does not make them less important, but only brings them closer to the reader.

Instructive character of the story

And in this little work the author remainstrue to himself. From the beginning to the very last line, humor permeates him. But, despite the cheerful mood, the story "Iskander's Thirteenth feat of Hercules" is rather instructive. He makes the reader think about many serious and important questions. Everyone must decide for themselves what a feat is and how in one person courage and cowardice can be combined. Concluding the story "Thirteenth feat of Hercules," Iskander suggests to the reader that courage can be different. It turns out that the moral and physical courage does not always coincide in a person. So, possessing the bodily strength, he can turn out to be a coward when solving vital problems.

the thirteenth feat of the heroak
"Thirteenth feat of Hercules." Iskander. Summary: New teacher

Greek by nationality Harlampi Diogenovichappeared in the school on September 1. Before that, no one had heard of him. He taught arithmetic and was, in contrast to the generally accepted notion of mathematics, a man neat and collected. Harlampy Diogenovich always had an exemplary silence, he never raised his voice, did not threaten, and at the same time he managed to keep the whole class in his hands.

"Thirteenth feat of Hercules." Iskander. Summary: The case with the main character

No one had privileges before HarlampyDiogenovich. Did not escape the fate of being in a funny position and the main character. Once he did not complete the assignment for the house. The solution of the problem did not at all agree with the answer. The boy studied on the second shift and came an hour before the beginning of the lesson.

story thirteenth feat of the Hercules chasseur
When it turned out that the classmate did not decidetask, he finally calmed down. The students split into teams and went to play football at the stadium. Already in the class, the excellent student Sakharov said that he had solved the problem, and the answer had come together. Kharlampy Diogenovich appeared at the door and proceeded to his place. The protagonist noticed that even his neighbor on the desk, the quiet Adolf Komarov, (who called himself Alik, so that no one compared him to Hitler, as there was a war) solved this problem.

Fazil Iskander: "Thirteenth feat of Hercules." Summary: "saving" vaccination

The nurse looked in, she was looking for 5 "A", andgot into 5 "B". The protagonist volunteered to show where the children are, who need to be vaccinated against typhus. On the way, he told the doctor that after this lesson their class organizedly goes on an excursion to the museum of local lore. They return to 5 "B". There, at the board Shurik Avdeenko already wrote three actions of the task, but could not explain the decision. The nurse vaccinated all students, but the lesson did not end there. Kharlampy Diogenovich said that in this class there was a man who decided to outdo Hercules and perform another feat, the thirteenth. After these words he called to the board the main character and asked to explain the solution of the problem. But the boy, even by what was on the board, could not figure out where to begin. Of course, he received a bad mark, but from that moment began to treat his homework more seriously. And he also understood the method of the teacher: to temper the souls of children with laughter, to teach them to treat themselves with a sense of humor.

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