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In April 2016 the Russianfilm "Crew" with Danila Kozlovsky and Vladimir Mashkov in the lead roles. Since then, the number of fans of the remake has only increased. A famously twisted plot keeps in suspense throughout the film. And spectacular scenes of disaster and professional tricks fascinate viewers. The film was shot in the best traditions of Hollywood.

isle of canoe

The Lost Island

In the blockbuster, the crew of the aircraft muston the volcanic island of Kanwu. The pilots must take on board all Russian citizens who are vacationing there. The fact is that the island of Kanwu is on the verge of destruction. A volcano, dozing for a long time, woke up. According to specialists' forecasts, lava should flood the whole territory and no one living creature will have a chance to survive. Thanks to the heroic actions of the pilots all are being saved, the plane takes off over the already collapsing runway from the embarrassed fire of Kanwu Airport (KANWOO).

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Mythical island

Many viewers, leaving the hall of the cinema,wondered whether it was possible in reality to perform the tricks performed by the hero Danila Kozlovsky, and whether there really is the island of Kanwu and the airport where such a tragedy occurred. The most curious have begun searches on a map and on the Internet.

The film indicates that the ill-fated piece of land is one of the Aleutian islands, has a volcanic origin. It is inhabited - there is a small settlement and an airport.

volcanic island of Kanwu

But there is no object on the map among the Aleutian Islandswith a similar or consonant name. This is fiction writers who invented the plot. So that no one will really get to go to the island of Kanwu. Photos that can be found on the Internet are frames from a popular film.

Secrets of filming

In the picture, the capital airport, appearing inframe - this is Vnukovo. But the scenery of the facade of the air terminal Kanwu was built on the territory of the LII them. Gromov in the Zhukovsky. And the internal premises were set up at the Glavkino studio in the Moscow suburbs. The film crew worked in five pavilions.

The creators of the film say that the scenes of the eruption and earthquakes were filmed within a few weeks. And it was necessary to work only at night to achieve a realistic picture.

The heroes of the tape when working on images had totake a few lessons of air piloting, work on simulators. All instruments in the frame are real and their readings are real. A special computer program set the parameters of the "flight".

The scenery of aircraft used infilm, were built at an altitude of 6 meters. They were held and propelled by hydraulic devices that realistically mimicked the behavior of the liner under extreme conditions.

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The creators of the film to the question: "Canvu Island where is?" Told that the shooting of mythical land was conducted in the mountainous terrain of the Crimea. "Africa" ​​was filmed in November.

So do not turn the globe and study the map with a magnifying glass in search of the island of Kanwu - it's just not there.

Similar name

In the Yellow Sea there is a small islet with a similarthe name Kanghwado. In Russian sounding its name is pronounced as "Ganghwado", but many people call it "Kanva", which is similar to the one mentioned in the film. But in addition to the name, he has no other similarities with the cine-isle. There's no volcano. There is no airport, because the runway can not be laid due to the severely broken terrain.

isle of canoe

On this small piece of land near Seoula lot of attractions, protected by UNESCO. In particular, there is the most ancient Buddhist structure - the Chonsus temple. A local legend says that in ancient times the great Tangun Wang brought sacrifices to the gods here. The blood was shed not only on the sacrificial animals, but also on the people.

Even on the island of Kanva, there are many dolmens, which specialists refer to the Bronze Age. It is these structures that have been protected by UNESCO since the second half of the 20th century.

So, we can say with confidence that the islandKanwu is the fiction of writers. A similar name for the geographical object on the map can be found, though, at the other end of the earth. But Kanwu airport does not exist at all.

Despite the fact that the scene is fictional, the film is very popular among fans of this genre.

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