Monuments of the Great Patriotic War in the Russian cities-heroes

Undoubtedly, the Great Patriotic War lefta huge mark in the history of our country. For over 68 years now, we have been commemorating the victims of the May 9 holiday every year. We all know that in the vastness of Russia, monuments of the Great Patriotic War were built in huge quantities. Below in the article we will consider the most famous of them that are located in the hero cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Tula, Volgograd, Novorossiysk and Smolensk. These are the cities most famous for their brave defense during the hostilities of 1941-43.

monuments of the Great Patriotic War

Let's start with Moscow. All Muscovites will certainly say that the most significant for this city is Poklonnaya Gora, on which Victory Park is located. The memorial complex of the park was inaugurated on May 9, 1995 during the celebration of the Victory Day. The monuments of the Great Patriotic War here include the Victory Monument, exhibitions of military equipment, WWII and Holocaust museums, a memorial mosque and a synagogue, as well as the Church of St. George the Victorious. In addition to these monuments, there are other minor structures that can be seen all over Moscow.

Monument of the Great Patriotic War

Next, go to St. Petersburg. Like in the capital, there is also Victory Park in the "Northern Venice", but here it is represented in a double: Primorskiy, which is dedicated to naval victories, and Moscow, which is built as an integral memory of victory. The first does not stand out particularly, but the latter has on its territory a large number of buildings that are monuments to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. Among them, the Alley of Heroes stands out, where the monuments-busts of the two Heroes of Socialist Labor, the natives of the city, are built. Also worth noting is the monument "Rotunda", commemorative crosses and plaques, various sculptures and the "Temporary" chapel. In addition to these parks, it is worth mentioning the museum-preserve "The Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad", as well as the memorial museum "Defense and the Siege of Leningrad", in which the full weight of the battles and the "pulling out" of victory from the fascist invaders is highlighted.

monuments to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War

Tula is not particularly replete with monuments, however,it is worth noting the monument to the defenders of Tula in the Second World War that is located on Victory Square, as well as the mound of Immortality in the city of Efremov, built at the residents' own expense.

Certainly, one of the greatest cities,who showed heroic defense and no less heroic counter-offensive, is Volgograd. On the most famous hill, where from September 1942 until January the following bloody battles took place - Mamayev Kurgan, there is an architectural ensemble of monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. It includes, perhaps, the most famous monument of the Great Patriotic War of Russia "Motherland Calls!", Which is, by the way, one of the highest monuments-statues in the world, 3 squares (Scourge Square, Heroes Square, Places of Death) Monumental relief, high relief "Memory of Generations", Military Cemetery, Walls-ruins. The construction, during which many architects were involved, lasted almost 10 years, from 1959 to 1967.


Next, we quickly examine the monuments of the GreatThe Patriotic War in Smolensk. In the Park Readovka there is the Barrow of Immortality, which was built by tar to commemorate the warriors who died during World War II and ordinary people. It was inaugurated on September 25, 1970. Near the Barrow you can see the Eternal Fire, and in the park itself is also erected a monument "The Sorrowful Mother", where thousands of soldiers are buried. Among other monuments of Smolensk is worth mentioning the monument of the Great Patriotic War "Shtyk", which was installed in memory of the soldiers of the legendary 16th Army, defending the city in July 1941.

View of Mamayev Kurgan

Murmansk never got impressivearchitectural ensembles, having only small monuments scattered throughout the city. Well, the last city we will have Novorossiysk. In its central area is the Heroes' Square, on which are installed many monuments of the Great Patriotic War. To be more precise, it is worth mentioning the monuments to the Heroes of the USSR Ts. Kunikov and N.I. Silyagin, the memorial wall "To the Sons of the Fatherland, whose ashes rest in the land of Novorossiysk", the Eternal Fire, the common grave and memorable plates. Having visited this place, you can learn much more about the history of Novorossiysk.

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