Mallorca, island (Spain), or Ticket to a fairy tale

The largest among the Balearic Islands is theMajorca. The island (Spain) is near Menorca. Here the hilly and mountainous terrain prevails. The north-western part of the island is covered with the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. As for its eastern part, here are the lower Serres de Llivant mountains. The central part is occupied by the plain of Lanura del Centro. In the north-eastern part of it there are two beautiful bays - Badia d'Alcudia and Badia de Pollensa. In more detail the island of Mallorca (Spain) map of this amazing corner. It is also necessary to know that this island is protected by the state, since there are more than 40 protected zones here.

Mallorca Island of Spain

This territory is very green andenvironmentally friendly. It has chic sandy beaches, which are perfect for both youth recreation and recreation with children. The southern part of the island is more lively. Here is the capital of Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca, and there are beautiful coves with beach-cliffs. The northern part is calm and has warmer waters than the southern part. It is here that the best beaches are located. Summing up all that has been said, it is possible to single out a number of advantages that Mallorca possesses: the island (Spain) is famous for rocky cliffs, completely covered by pine protected forests, majestic mountain ranges, mild Mediterranean climate and magnificent beaches. All this attracts many tourists.

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Mallorca is an island (Spain), whereconcentrated prestigious resorts, with a well-developed infrastructure, magnificent nature, many kilometers of beaches. This is Valdemosa, Illetas, Playa de Palma, Palma Nova, Cala Blava and others. In addition, it is recommended to visit the capital of the island, which has a number of interesting sights. A remarkable example of medieval Gothic is the Cathedral, the construction of which took place on the site of the Arabian mosque, dating back to the 13th century, and lasted almost 3 centuries.

Arriving on the island of Mallorca (Spain),it is recommended to make a trip to the mountain village of Valdemos. The majestic architectural structure of this village is a medieval monastery, which now houses a historical museum. In addition, there are several other museums, among them the museum of the traveler and writer El Salvador.

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There are 200 caves on the island, but only 5 cavestourists will be able to see. In the eastern part of the cave there are Drak caves, which stretch for 1700 meters. Here is located the largest underground lake not only of the whole island, but of all Europe. For guests here, in a huge hall, there are amazing concerts. Musicians play while on a boat, which slowly floats on the lake, illuminated by colorful lights.

Mallorca is an island (Spain), on which there is a number andother beautiful places. Including the medieval town of Alcudia with powerful fortress walls. Nearby you can see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pollentia.

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