Where is the island of Mako and whether it really exists

After the premiere of the famous series about mermaidsmany viewers began to wonder about where the island of Mako is located, a photo of which can be found in various Internet sources, but for some reason on the world map this island can not be found. How would like to believe the numerous fans of the television series that this wonderful place with a lunar magical pool actually exists!

where is the island of mako

Description of the fabulous island of Mako

In addition to the magical cave and the lunar wellThe island was another cave leading to the waterfall. It, in turn, is part of a river flowing through thickets of picturesque mangroves. According to legend, the island of Mako was here long before the appearance of the first people and will remain after everything disappears in this world and only a small corner of the earth will remain where the island of Mako, full of unsolved mysteries and riddles, will continue its further existence.

In the island waters are found unprecedentedvarieties of marine life, including sharks and sea turtles, which are no longer found anywhere on the planet. Near the island there is a magnificent coral reef, and at the bottom you can see a large number of sunken ancient ships. The northern part of the magical island of Mako is dangerous because there are dangerous predators - bloodthirsty sharks that swim in the vicinity of the beautiful Reef Triton.

the island of mako in australia

Where is the island of Mako

If you believe the popular television series "SecretsMako Island ", the island of Mako is located in Australia. Filming took place in the capital city of Brisbane, Queensland. There is a Gold Coast and a cafeteria from the series "JuiceNet." This cafe exists in reality, only the name sounds different. You can also find the water park, the workplace of one of Cleo's heroines (in reality, the name is "Sea World").

The island of Mako in Australia, of course, exists,but the name is fictional, and an extinct volcano with a magical moon pool is not there. All the miracle elements of the series have already been filmed elsewhere, and the island itself has been "doris" with the help of special computer programs to make it look even more fabulous. That's the whole secret.

where is the island of mako photo

Lunar basin on the island of Mako

A series about the adventures of mermaids, their way of life,mutual relations with ordinary people won recognition not only among adolescents, but also enough adult viewers. Part of their time, sea beauties spend on their beloved island of Mako, whose magic attraction is the lunar basin.

According to the scenario of the television series, this creativereal miracles during the full moon pool originated in the crater of a fallen asleep volcano. It is a rounded pond with sky-clear blue water, it is located deep in a dark cave, and light comes only through an opening at the top of the volcano. You can get there only underwater, so only mermaids knew about his whereabouts and carefully guarded him.

where the island of mako

What was filmed on the island of Mako

When answering the question about where the island is locatedMako, it is worth mentioning that this is a fictitious place on the map of Australia, although the shooting of the series "H2O: Just Add Water" was partially held on the island, but with a different name. The series began to be shot back in 2006, afterwards it became incredibly popular and by now has acquired an extensive audience: according to approximate figures - 250 million viewers.

Originally, the Australian television series was called"H2O", broadcast in other countries, it was called "Mako: the island of secrets", but this change of names has not stopped. Also, a new series with a similar storyline and other acting characters was shot, a more modern version of "Secrets of the island of Mako."

where is the island of mako

Mermaids on the island of Mako

The main characters of the series are threeyoung girls who became mermaids, and a teenager named Zak, who also miraculously acquired the ability to become a newt. The history of the appearance of the island of Mako on the plot of the film is explained by the collision of a comet with the planet Earth. As a result, there was also a magical cave and a lunar basin, where during the full moon you can acquire the ability to become a mermaid.

Where is the island of Mako and whether it exists onReally? Apparently, the authors of this idea tried to glory, since such questions are so keenly interested in fans of this magical story. The prototype of the fairy island was the really existing island of Cook, which, without the imposition of computer effects, is considered one of the most attractive islands in the world.

where is the island of mako

With the question of where the island of Mako is,figured out, this place is not in vain invented to locate it in Australia. This is a great place not only for the shooting of interesting TV series, but also for an amazing holiday on the golden beaches. Those who want to relax in these parts come here from all over the world, as here all conditions are created - a sea of ​​entertainment for children and their parents, comfortable elite hotels, water parks, attractions and much, much more.

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