The island of Mauritius. Travel Reviews

The island of Mauritius ... Reviews of tourists convince thatthere it is impossible not to visit at least once in your life. Why is that? Today, trips to hot countries, the natural conditions of which make it possible to get bright unforgettable impressions, have become more accessible. And this land lot can be called one of such amazing places, and today we will talk about it in more detail.

Section 1. The Island of Mauritius. Reviews about nature and location

Mauritius review
To present the conditions that awaitthe tourist who has appeared on this island, in the beginning it is necessary to find out its geographical position. So, the climate of Mauritius is largely understandable, given that it is located in the Indian Ocean, in the tropical belt. The most preferable for visiting the island are the following periods: from September to November and from April to June. Coral reefs reliably protect the coastal zone, so swimming in warm ocean waters is safe. A beautiful plateau in the center of the island, evergreen vegetation, a mighty ocean - the natural conditions of Mauritius are really amazing!

Section 2. The Island of Mauritius. Reviews about the features of rest

Mauritius Island vacation reviews
The weather on the island is usually sunny, sotourists are advised to bring their sunglasses and cosmetics to protect themselves from the excess exposure of the heavenly body. Strong shoes will not allow corpses to break their feet. Rains here are strong, although not long, so a light raincoat will be very handy.

The island of Mauritius. Recreation

Reviews of tourists say that vaccinations beforea trip is not necessary. Products that are sold in the markets, you can safely eat. However, the dishes prepared by local chefs are notable for an abundance of spices, so for safety reasons, when taking unfamiliar dainties, it is better to have with you medicines that can help with gastric disorders.

Of course, everyone wants to buy for memorysome souvenir, so that later, at home, remember the trip. This desire is understandable, but it should be noted that breaking, collecting corals and even buying them is strictly prohibited. Of great interest for tourists are embroidered tablecloths, quilts, macrame, carved woodwork and earthenware. The model of an ancient Moorish sailboat - such a souvenir is considered exclusively Mauritian.

Bus buses can deliver to any partislands, tickets for them are inexpensive. The use of a taxi assumes an obligatory bargaining over the cost of a trip, so it's worth to be ready for it. Boat trips on boats will allow you to get vivid impressions and have a great rest. On the island you can rent a car.

Foreign currency can be exchanged in any bank. The hotel accepts international credit cards. It is very convenient that ATMs are available, on the island they are installed everywhere.

Section 3. The Island of Mauritius. Reviews on what to visit first

Mauritius Island reviews
Conditions for diving in Mauritius are wonderful. Night dives are popular, when you can admire the lobster. Behind the behavior of tropical fish is beautiful to observe in coral reefs. The east coast attracts the attention of the amateurs to explore wrecks.

The island of Mauritius, reviews report this, provides opportunities for sea fishing. Fishing boats have all the necessary equipment.

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