Traveling the Caribbean - Dominica

Not everyone knows that Dominica has nothing to do withDominican Republic and often confuse them. In fact, Dominica is an island country, located between the two islands - Guadeloupe and Martinique, and the Dominican Republic is on the island of Haiti. The island of Dominica is well known for the fact that it was on it shot the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The island is very developed, although it is considered"An untouched civilization". The transport network is well developed there, so there will not be any problems with traveling around Dominica. There are also enough places for tourists to stay, many hotels and hotels have been built for this purpose. Lushie tours to the Dominican Republic on the site The best time to travel to the island, withtourist destination, is the period from November to the end of April. It is at this time is good dry weather, during the rest of the year there is a risk to spend your vacation in torrential rains.

Dominica Attractions

• The volcano Diabloten. It is truly a delightful and amazing place. On the territory adjacent to the volcano, in the forests, you can meet rare animals and birds. For example, a parrot - sisser or boas and other rare snakes.

• In the capital of the country,different architectural structures: the Anglican Church, the Carnegie Endowment Library. Also for inspection will be interesting colonial quarter. Also in Roseau are many national holidays, night discos. For gourmets, there are cafes and restaurants, where you can taste local cuisine.

• The Moscow Botanical Garden will surprise everyone who visits it. A huge number of plants, presented in it, fascinates tourists with its unusual and beautiful.

• The park, called the Morne-Trois-Python is famoustheir lakes. On its territory there are 2 well-known ponds - Boiling Lake and Emerald-Poole. The first lake is a hot spring, and the second is a reservoir with mineral salts. In addition to them, there are several more crater lakes with rich flora and fauna. In the park you can find different animals and amazing insects.

• Beaches. On the coast there are equipped beaches with yellow and black sand, where for the convenience of tourists, loungers and umbrellas are provided for rent. Tents with soft drinks are also installed on them.

The island of Dominica is for the most part tropicalforests and mountainous terrain, so the sights refer more to natural, and not to man-made. Come to Dominica and enjoy a holiday on the tropical shore!

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