Available types of outdoor advertising. Placement of outdoor advertising on the streets of the city

If you are the leader of a large, successfulorganization, then with almost 100% certainty it can be said that the query "outdoor advertising, views" in any of the Internet search engines is for you.

Outdoor advertising - external advertising, anytext or graphic information bearing an advertising character, placed on temporary or stationary structures that are located in the open area, as well as on street equipment or its elements, on / above carriageways or sidewalks.

Types of outdoor advertising today are very diverse. For the vast majority of the largest cities in Russia and abroad, the entire set of outdoor advertising is available:

• space-scale installations / structures;

• stelae;

• shields of all sizes and shapes;

• electronic displays;

• video walls;

• Roof installations;

• installation of light advertising;

• ticker;

• advertising signs, signs;

• light boxes, or light boxes;

• stretch marks above the carriageway and sidewalk;

• advertising images / inscriptions on public transport;

• advertising at the stopping complexes.

In order to determine what types of outdoor advertising are necessary for you, we will consider in more detail each of them:

1. Advertising signs. They are divided into non-light and light, flat and volumetric, roof and facade.

The lightbox refers, first of all, to a lightbox, orlight box. If we consider the types of outdoor advertising, that is, not potential, but already operating, then this species is the most common. The advertising element is highlighted with the help of backlighting, thanks to this, advertising works around the clock.

2. Volumetric letters. Include the following categories: non-lit letters; letters, produced using the technology of "closed neon", i.e. with internal illumination; letters made using the technology of "open neon", i.e. those in which the light sources are not covered by the front panels; finally, letters with the effect of "contra-ink": the front part of such products is covered with opaque material, and the back one - transparent, which forms a very attractive advertising effect.

types of outdoor advertising

2. Not illuminated signs. Less expensive option, but less effective. Typically, this sign is illuminated by external LEDs. It includes the following categories:

  • direction indicators;
  • street signs;
  • banners;
  • billboards;
  • pillars;
  • information stands.

Tablets, in comparison with other types of outdooradvertising, perform, rather, an informational role. They are more often produced by advertisers in cases of renting offices in large shopping centers. Stretch marks, banner signs, panels - these are non-light signs of an advertising nature. Are made by applying information on a special banner fabric.

The pillars are two plastic shields attached to a structure with a metal frame.

outdoor advertising types

The advertising stele is a stand-aloneadvertising design. Its dimensions are large enough. Therefore, it is absolutely logical that the placement of outdoor advertising of this kind is carried out at gas stations, near major shopping centers, car dealerships.

outdoor advertising

Advertising design of the entrance groups is the marquises,visors. Advertising interior signs - quite a complicated type of outdoor advertising. The thing is that the interior signs are very close to the potential clients of the advertised object. Therefore, an advertising design of this kind should be impeccable.

Interior signboard for outdoor advertising

The article describes only the main and most frequently used types of outdoor advertising. To date, this advertising is most popular in our country.

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