Unfair advertising

Advertising fills our lives. She meets in various media: on television, in newspapers, on radio, in magazines. Not to mention the billboards, which are full of streets of cities. But what is advertising? The meaning of the term, the requirements imposed on it, and the types that prohibited advertising, it is worth discussing in detail.

A little about terminology

To highlight the definition of advertising, enoughremember that the word in Latin means "shout out". So in the bazaars traders called customers to tents with their goods, painting its dignity. Modern advertising fully corresponds to this understanding of the term. After all, it is designed to communicate information about goods, as well as services, to bring new products to the market, to attract their attention and form opinions on products. Advertising is a marketing tool. It is designed to stimulate the sale of goods.

Rules of activity in the advertising business

Advertising in our country is regulatedFederal law, which established the basic requirements for it. So, it must be conscientious, honest, objectively reflect information about the product, the manufacturer and not mislead consumers. In addition to this, created by all rules, there is also unfair advertising, which is punishable by fines, the amounts of which are stipulated in the administrative code of offenses. So, for any, even a formal violation of the law on advertising, the minimum penalty for legal entities is one hundred thousand rubles, and for citizens - from two to two and a half thousand rubles.

Advertising, which is prohibited by law, cancontain unacceptable comparisons of some goods with others, insults against individuals or legal entities, affect their honor and reputation, including competitors. You can not run advertising in the wrong place, mask one product under another. Often improper advertising is misleading because of incorrectly submitted information about the product. For example, the use of words such as cures or cures is prohibited in the advertising of dietary supplements, since these drugs are not medicines, but only additives to food containing useful substances. This kind of advertising techniques are a method of unfair competition. Advertising is recognized as unreliable, if it is widely represented one product as superior to those similar to it. At the same time words are used superbly "magnificent", "the best", but there is no way to prove such definitions documentarily. You can not use unsubstantiated statements. Abroad unscrupulous advertising bypasses such prohibitions. They use the words: "Perhaps the best." We are still talking about the service or product "the best", and in the end necessarily add specifics, which can be documented. For example, "the best cakes in our confectionery."

Wishing to entice consumers of the popular brandgoods (for example, clothes), unscrupulous manufacturers of advertising resort to the use of plagiarism when borrowing someone else's style, label, design. Changes to the original are minimal.

Unethical and unscrupulous advertising resorts touse in slogans of foreign words without translation, profanity, calls for violence. This offends the feelings of citizens, ordinary consumers of services and goods, belittles their dignity. The use of state symbols for advertising purposes is also not allowed.

Sometimes unscrupulous advertising is silenta significant part of the information about the product, why it distorts its meaning, as a result, consumers are misled. This also happens with the involvement of medical workers who allegedly approve a particular product for promotional purposes. Such techniques are prohibited. The exception is advertising products, telling about medicines.

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