Ronald McDonald is the mascot of McDonald's

Who is Ronald McDonald? This is a clown, which is the mascot of the world famous company McDonald's. According to research conducted in 2001 by the authors of the book Fast Food Nation, Ronald McDonald (see photo below) is quite recognizable. Ninety-six percent of American schoolchildren told about this clown. Without any doubt, such popularity allows Ronald McDonald to become the most recognizable symbol of the famous product. By celebrity, he is second only to Santa Claus.

Ronald McDonald
In advertising and TV spots, Ronald McDonald lives with his many friends in a fantastic country called McDonaldland.

History of appearance

Initially, the image of the clown was created by WillardScott. During this period, the actor was shot in Washington on one of the TV channels. From 1959 to 1962 he played the role of Bozo's clown. After that, W. Scott starred in three separate television commercials. In them he appeared as a clown Ronald McDonald.

Later, Willard Scott switched to the NBC-TV channel as a meteorologist. At the same time he claimed that the famous clown was invented by him.

The history of the appearance of the mascot according to the company version

The world-famous McDonald's network claims that W. Scott became the author of only the character himself, who is currently inferior in popularity to only Santa Claus.

Ronald McDonald's house
In 1965 the so-called boss over clowns became AJ. His terms of reference were wide enough. He hired new people, created presentations, trained actors and organized mass performances. In fact, it was thanks to Hey Jay that Ronald McDonald appeared to the audience for thirty-five years. During this period, the company hired a huge number of clowns to carry out promotional activities.

In 1966 a network of McDonald's restaurants attracted the circus artist to work. They became Michael Polyakovs. In the circus he played the clown Coco. This artist made a significant contribution to the fact that Ronald McDonald appeared in a new image. It was this man who created the well-known make-up and costume. In addition, Michael himself played the main role of the clown in the eight first commercials shown on television.


The company "McDonald's" has in its staffemployees to several hundred of the actors involved. All of them perform the role of Ronald McDonald at the company's events, as well as in the restaurants that are available to her. However, it is believed that at the national level R. McDonald is represented by only one actor.

Ronald McDonald Foundation

Thus, from 1963 to 1965, They were Willard Scott. From 1966 to 1968 the company was attracted by Bev Bergeron. George Voorhis played the main role of the clown from 1968 to 1970, and from 1970 to 1975, it was given to Bob Brandon. The next nine years of Ronald McDonald was performed by King Moody. From 1984 to 1991. he handed the relay to Skyr Friedell. Until 1995 the main clown of the company was Jack Dupki, he was succeeded by Joe Maggard, who played the role until 2007. After him and up to now, the main actor of the company is Brad Lennon.


Ronald McDonald's costume, as well as variousforms of his names are the property of the firm McDonald's. All these attributes are registered as McDonald's trademarks. Qualified employees train actors in the same manner of depicting a popular clown. Such a game in combination with identical costumes makes it possible to create the illusion of a single character.

It is interesting

In 2010 the organization Corporate Accountability International was made a proposal to McDonald's to send Ronald McDonald to resign. The motive for this was the rapidly spreading obesity among children. However, the company's CEO said that McDonald's has no such plans.

Ronald McDonald photo

In 2011, Ace Metrix announced the ineffectiveness of advertising with the popular clown. However, Ronald still continues to appear in television commercials.

In the same year 2011 again reminded itself of the company Corporate Accountability International. In most newspapers, she launched information about the need to leave Ronald. In addition, this statement appeared on some websites. However, Jim Skinner and this time stood up for the protection of his company's talisman. He said that Ronald McDonald is the ambassador of good, and everyone should be responsible for their choice.

Greeting of the popular clown in Thailandis made according to Thai traditions. At the same time, he presses both hands to each other. The Thai image of the McDonald's symbol was created in 2002. The local franchisor McThai took an immediate part in this. Later this character appeared in India, as well as in other countries, where such gesture is used as a greeting.

p macondonald
In Japan, Ronald has a different name. In this country he is called Donald. Such a change occurred in connection with the absence of the letter "p" in the Japanese alphabet.


Since 1984 McDonald's provides assistance to children who have limited opportunities. An international fund was organized under the name of Ronald McDonald's House. To date, its operation extends to forty-eight countries.

There is also the Ronald McDonald Foundation in Russia. In our country, it began operations in 1995. Over the years, this charitable foundation has collected more than four hundred and twenty million US dollars. All the money was allocated to provide social, psychological and medical support to sick children.

In Russia, the Ronald McDonald Foundation helps the children's homes and sick children. Small citizens receive from the cheerful clown support and joy in their difficult life situation.

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