How to set up advertising in "Instagram"? Targeted advertising in "Instagram"

"Instagram" is a newcomer in the world of social networks. And although it has a growing number of users in geometric progression, it does not yet have its own tools for the promotion of business projects. Although already today in "Instagram" there are thousands of Internet trading accounts that make successful sales. But still ahead! Facebook and Vkontakte have spent many years developing advertising and marketing tools. Today you can earn money on advertising in "Instagram" with the help of the advertising manager Facebook.

how to set up advertising in an instagram

Define a strategy

Before setting up advertising in the "Instagram", you need to determine what will be the purpose of this company. Today, there are many strategies, but for social networks, only two are most relevant.

  1. Subscription to account. That is not intended to immediately sell. The main thing is to attract and interest the potential client, so that he can immediately use the offered goods or services.
  2. Visiting the site or the so-called "sale to the forehead." Not the most effective way on the exchange of advertising in the Instagram, but it is also effective.

Create an account

To start creating ads in"Instagram", you need to have an account in "Facebook". If it does not exist, you should register and fill the page with minimal information about yourself. Through Facebook, advertising in the "Instagram" will be created and monitored.

Bind accounts

So, the Facebook account is created, now you need tobind it to the existing in the "Instagram". This happens through the business manager, which also needs to be registered by clicking on the "Create an account" menu. Next, click "Setting up a company" and here we select "Instagram Accounts" and fill out the form that appears again. The binding is implemented.

how much is advertising in instagrama

To check its success, you need to go toadvertising manager Facebook - Ads manager. You can set up advertising in the "Instagram" as with it, and using a more advanced panel Power Editor. This tool has more features and is designed to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Select Goal

By creating targeted ads in "Instagram",the most important thing is to correctly choose the goals and tasks of the future advertising company. Clicking on the menu item "Create ad" in Adsmanager offers a whole list of goals with which Facebook and Instagram will further independently optimize their advertising.

There are three strategies:

  1. Fame. That is, the main goal is to make the advertisement memorable, and the masses recognize it.
  2. Lida. Aiming at direct contact and interaction with a possible consumer.
  3. Conversion. The client must perform a specific action.

Subsequently, if there is a desire to change something, then you can set up advertising in "Instagram", as well as set new goals for the company in a few clicks.

targeted advertising in an instagram

Setting up an advertising company

Stock exchange in "Instagram" offers a wide range of settings that are selected after the goal is chosen and the name of the advertising campaign is thought up:

  1. Conversion. You need to specify a specific action, whenthe implementation of which the lead will be considered successfully completed. To do this, use the "Site" menu and the submenu Difene a new custom conversion. Here you specify a link to the final page, then the code that you received should be pasted into the site between the </ body> tag.
  2. General characteristics of the audience. You should choose the audience as much as you can, on this depends the success of the advertising company.
  3. Individual audience. For a new advertising campaign, this item issuperfluous. Subsequently, having thoroughly studied the basics of how to advertise in Instagram and having a circle of regular customers, you can specify in this menu their data, according to which Facebook can create an individual group.
  4. Places. Choose the location of potential customers. You can choose even the limits of one settlement.
  5. Age.
  6. Floor.
  7. Languages. For these items, comments are unnecessary. Everything is so clear and simple.
  8. Detailed setting of the audience. This setting item should be given as much as possiblemore time and attention. Selecting the characteristics in the list, on the right, the system immediately calculates the approximate coverage of the target audience. Here you can set up an advertising campaign in such a way as to get the maximum benefit with minimal expenses.
  9. Targeting. Here you can write down the interests and behavior of people. It's no secret now to anyone that social networks record their users' actions every minute and then primarily show those news or advertisements that most closely correspond to their early requests.
  10. Connections. In this sub-item, before you can advertise in Instagram, you can link subscribers from the Facebook group. But this is provided that it exists.
    exchange of advertising in the instagram


Studying the question "How to set up advertising in" Instagram ", you need to adjust the placement of the future advertising company accordingly.

Devices. It is necessary to choose, on what types of devices advertising will be shown. The choice is not great - only the PC, only mobile or anywhere.

Deployed options. For beginners, you should not change anything here, since it is not yet possible to accurately predict the behavior of potential customers.

Since the advertising company will be directedonly on "Instagram", it is necessary to ignore the point "Show ads in Facebook." Since it will be impossible to subsequently separate the results of the advertising company separately in each social network.

Budget and schedule

This is the final setting for targeting ads in the "Instagram". Here is determined the cost and duration of the advertising campaign.

  1. Money and time. So, here you can get an answer to the question "How much does advertising cost in" Instagram "?".
  2. Budget. You can install it for one day or for the entire period of the company. The minimum cost for ruble accounts is 60 rubles, and for dollar accounts - 5 dollars.
  3. schedule. You can choose a specific time interval of the company or a continuous display of the ad.
  4. Optimization. This subclause establishes an action that will be considered effective.
  5. Conversion window. The time period for which the client must decide to create an application.
  6. Bid amount. It is better to choose the value of "Auto". Otherwise, if the rate is underestimated in order to save, then advertising can be generally not shown in the end.
    how to remove advertising in instagrama

When choosing the sub-item "For what will be the payment", it is best to choose impressions. This is a pre-winning option.

Further settings are fairly simple, and you do not need to change them.

The name for ads can come up with any one that comes to mind.


You can always connect fantasy and create a new original advertisement or use previously invented ad variations.

  1. Format. Slides, video or picture. With the appearance of each of the formats can be found in the personal account settings of the advertising campaign. Choosing a format, you should carefully read its technical specifications, so that you do not have to re-do the ad several times. The text on the photo should not take more than 20% - this is another condition for Facebook.
  2. Page and publication. Specify the link and write the draft text.
  3. Facebook page. Choose the account you already created on Facebook.
  4. Account "Instagram". We select the page on whose behalf the advertisement will be displayed. The account must be real and active.
  5. Website address. The link of the page to which the user will go after clicking on the ad.
  6. Header. It will not be shown, so you can just skip the paragraph.
  7. Text. Any words, any format, the main thing is to cause a desire to click on the ad.
  8. Call to action. "More" or any other at your own discretion.

Here is the announcement and created. You can see the final result and you already know how much advertising costs in "Instagram", so you can safely run the campaign and wait for the results.

how to advertise in an instagram

How to disable advertising in Instagram

The above is a detailed description of how to create an advertisement in"Instagram", but there are some users of this and any other network that can not stand all these advertising posters and want to get rid of them. So, we answer the question "How to remove advertising in" Instagram "?". And for the full version and for the mobile application there is only one way. You need to click in the upper right corner on the ad itself and select the "Hide" sub-item, then answer the standard question: "Why do not you want to see this message anymore?" And that's all! Advertising is disabled.

The shortcoming of this method is immediately evident. It consists in the fact that not all ads in Instagram are disabled, but only one particular user's ads.

How to remove advertising in "Instagram" once and for all? This method does not yet exist. That is, in order to minimize the frequency of the appearance of advertising banners in the news line, it will be necessary to track and hide them one by one for about a week. A bit of persistence - and advertisements will almost not appear in the event stream.

earnings on advertising in instagram

The social network "Instagram" every dayincreases the number of its users, regardless of whether there is advertising in it or not. Not only the number of personal accounts grows, but also the number of business sites. "Instagram" is a real opportunity to create your own business practically without making any investments. Without a doubt, soon he will have his own tools to create and promote business accounts.

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