We make an electric boiler by our own hands

Life in the suburbs has many advantages. But she also has her own shortcomings. So, many problems happen with the organization of heating. Gas is expensive, and fuss with solid fuel boilers and furnaces does not appeal to everyone. The output can be an electric boiler. You can make it with your own hands without spending a lot of money on it.

electric booth with own hands
Constructive elements

The most important component of the boiler is a heater,which translates electrical energy into thermal energy. The boiler itself is made from any container of suitable shape and volume, and one should not forget about the need to connect sensors to it that will not only simplify the operation of the equipment, but also make it significantly safer.

The simplest version

Home masters can make an electric boilerwith their own hands from anything, but more often they choose options that do not require much labor and money. The simplest method is to mount the heating element directly into a heating pipe of a suitable size.

Of course, its diameter should be substantiallymore than that of the remaining pipes. In addition, it must necessarily be removable and provide for easy and quick access to it. The possibility of dismantling is useful to you in the event that you need to replace the burnt out heating element.

A more effective way

Despite all of the above, the simplestThe electric boiler will have to be done by itself. The fact is that only a single heating circuit can produce the maximum efficiency, which is enough to heat even a relatively large house.

how to make an electric boiler with your own hands
You can make such a device from the usualtrimming a pipe of the appropriate diameter. Remember that in the case of installing a heating circuit, you do not need to chase the volume of the storage boiler, since in this case most of the energy will be wasted.

Note that in case of need of heatinga small three-room apartment is enough even for trimming a pipe in 219 mm in diameter, and its length can not be more than half a meter. Of course, on both sides it must be completely hermetically sealed. So, before making an electric boiler with your own hands, be sure to take care of a good welder.


In the top cover you need to weld a branch pipe,which the boiler will connect to the radiators. In the lower lateral part, the same branch pipe intended for the entry of cold water must be welded.

For small rooms we would recommenduse a heater from 1 kW, which operates from a network with a voltage of 220 V. The heating element itself can be mounted either from the bottom cover side, or slightly to the side of the side branch pipe with cold water. Thus, the installation of an electric boiler by one's own hands is not a particularly complicated process.

installation of an electric boiler by one's own hands

It should immediately be noted that the option of mounting the TEN directly into the heating system is not particularly reliable. However, both described designs can work without any problems round the clock.

Of course, such a mode of operation is possibleonly in the event that you additionally include in circuit circuit automatic fuses, which will be able to turn off the power in case of overload or other unforeseen situations.

In addition, automatic setting of modeswork will seriously save energy. Thus, making an electric boiler by one's own hands is not only realistic, but also possible for any master who has at his fingertips simple materials and tools.

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