What is self-control? Definition and concept

What is self-control? The definition sounds like this. As a psychological phenomenon, it includes internal processes that allow you to fully control yourself and give a sound account of your actions. A well-developed ability to control one's thoughts, words and actions allows you to positively experience great physical and psychological stress on the body.

what is self-control

Definition and concept in psychology

We will understand what self-control is. Each person sets himself certain goals, which he strives to achieve in order to get what he wants. You can be a mega-successful person in your imagination, who succeeds. But in reality it often turns out the other way around. Even a fully detailed detailed action plan sometimes does not find an outlet into reality. Why is this happening? The answer lies in the mechanisms of human consciousness: procrastination, sloth and indulgence to any desire to get distracted from the planned road. And the most important reason is a lack of self-control.

  • Purposeful people know what self-control is. First of all, this is the ability to behave in the hands, regardless of external circumstances.
  • Owning your own emotions at the highest possible level.
  • Strength of will. It is vital for everyone who aspires to achieve something worthwhile in life. The occupation of a person is not important, more importantly - the focus on results.
  • What is self-control? This is the management of the situation and the constant monitoring of the situation, the opportunity at any time to direct the state of things in a profitable side for themselves.
  • A tremendous ability to muffle their own emotions and feelings.
  • Life skill to put the mind in the first place, not giving the will of passion.

what is self-monitoring definition

What is a high level of self-control?

Self-confidence allows one to feelitself is comfortable in society. It is the level of self-control that affects external behavior and actions. Holders of high self-control always feel calm, look reserved and solid. Usually, being close to such people gives the people around them a sense of trust and full confidence in the possibility of getting rid of all problems. From strong personalities, he is a success in all matters. It is impossible to create a conflict or a fight with such a person. Usually, people of serious professions are consistently high level of self-control: heads of large enterprises, scouts, teachers. Other people imperceptibly begin to subordinate themselves to the influence of a calm opponent under the impression of the manifested spiritual force.

self-control is in psychology definition

Possible danger

Consequently, self-control is in psychologydefinition and awareness of all ongoing mental processes, as well as full awareness in decision-making. People who constantly control their behavior are on the verge of constant mental tension. Increased attention to their actions and regular analysis of actions can lead to the development of various health problems. Often these are cardiovascular diseases and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the total suppression of emotions, which gradually accumulate and find an outlet through a painful condition.

In order not to bring the organism to frenzy, it is importantlearn to carry out preventive measures to maintain good health. The most effective method, recommended by psychologists, is the release of accumulated energy through screaming. It is enough to come to a deserted forest or park and, without hesitation, throw emotions through the sounds, without regretting the vocal cords. Also in large cities there are special rooms for unloading in the form of entertainment. For example, in a room you can destroy surrounding objects or beat plates. After such therapy, there is a rush of strength and vigor, there is lightness in the whole body. Also useful are the various martial arts that allow the release of energy through strength training.

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Auto-training and meditation

Self-spoken mantra, mentalsoothing help to live in harmony with your body and thoughts. You can choose any convenient way for yourself, which will help to feel relief. Developed management skills are well supported by proper meditation, yoga and the ability to concentrate.

How to learn to control yourself

Ideally, parents should teach the childself-discipline from an early age. Ability to maintain self-control helps to settle well in life. Growing up, independent and emotion-conscious children occupy significant positions and make a successful career. Being an adult, it is much more difficult to learn to control yourself, but it is quite real for any person. What is self-control and how to achieve it?

  • Education. Children imitate parents, so adults are more logical to start with themselves, showing an example to the younger generation.
  • It is important to follow the methods of self-control. The most effective of them is the regime. Observance of the daily routine maximizes the sense of responsibility. In addition, you can create it yourself, taking into account personal workload.
  • Proper nutrition. To maintain the figure you can not give slack, there are many sweets and harmful food, otherwise everything is all nuts.
  • Development of punctuality. It is recommended to create a diary where you can record all the cases and important meetings. Gradually, you can accustom yourself to fulfill all the promises and bring to completion.
  • Self-development. If you are given the opportunity to attend a training or seminar on self-control, you need to get to it. The lessons are offered by various exercises that will help in managing your emotions.

self-control techniques

Physical self-control

Athletes have to be especially collected,because they need to regularly go to training, to observe a certain diet and lifestyle. Physical self-control at the household level helps to avoid conflict situations and misunderstandings, helping to soberly assess the situation and find a compromise. This system works both in the family and in the team. Man is able to independently regulate his life, achieving those goals that will fully satisfy his needs. Everyone can make so that desires and needs coincide. It's enough just to work on yourself.

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