How to become an anorexic: is it worth it? ..

"I want to become an anorexic!"- this idea periodically appears in the minds of girls who are striving for an ideal figure and dreaming about throwing off extra pounds.If you are clearly determined to become a skinny thin, then we will tell you all the charms and features of this" reincarnation. " But before deciding on this step, think again, do you need this ?!

how to become anorexic

So, now let's talk about how to becomean anoreksichkoj: 100 ways exist now on "front" of modern diets. All of them are certainly effective, but one must always remember that anorexia is a serious mental illness, the result of which can be death.

If in your head the idea of ​​howbecome an anorexic, then most likely, you have complexes associated with their appearance. Maybe the school teased you boy? Or the girlfriend somehow casually said that you need to throw a few extra pounds? It is the contemptuous and mocking glances of others that can lead to such reflections. Strong stress (death of a loved one, parting with a loved one) can also provoke the appearance of terrible thoughts.

I want to become anorexic

If you reach the desired and become fragilea girl whose weight is significantly below the average, you will get a bunch of health problems: a lack of menstruation, gastritis, an ulcer, constant fainting and many other physiological problems will come along with a mental illness of anorexia. Another negative side of this "golden coin" - an anorexic girls can not have children. Do you want to deprive yourself of the joy of motherhood? Do you have a desire to remain barren forever and never feel in your life how a new life arises in you? And the guys are unlikely to pay attention to the skeleton, covered with pale skin.

Before you look for a way how to becomean anorexic, think about what changes in appearance will occur. Broken nails, split hair, pale skin - this is not all that awaits you, if you achieve what you want.

How to become anorexic? It's quite simple, but to regain one's normal life is very difficult. Sick girls absolutely do not want anything, because anorexia, like a worm, eats them from the inside. They become uninteresting life, they are trying to lose more and more. Looking in the mirror, anorexic girls see a fat aunt, not her reflection. Friends, work, study, entertainment, love - all this remains behind the scenes of their motion picture.

how to become anorexic in 100 ways

Treatment of the disease occurs in a psychiatricclinic with the use of special drugs (tranquilizers and antidepressants) and procedures that bring only torment, rather than satisfaction. So think about it, before becoming anorexic. It's unlikely that you will want to spend several years in four walls, eating through a tube ...

Please, before dreaming about ease inbody and think about how to become anorexic, think about the consequences that will manifest after a sharp weight loss. Do you need to become thin despite your health, youth and beauty? Will the desired thinness bring the very satisfaction you dreamed of?

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