The choice from the opposites of Pablo Escobar: axiom or requires evidence?

You have heard the statement of Pablo Escobar, whichoften called the "axiom of Escobar"? It is not so important who he is, but his words very clearly reflect the problem of choosing between the two alternatives we do not like.

Escobar axiom

Who is Pablo Escobar?

Most often theorems or axioms belong to the mind andthe activity of mathematicians or physicists, meanwhile the situation with the Escobar theorem is somewhat different. Pablo Emilio Escobar is a drug baron from Colombia who was shot dead in 1993. During his lifetime, due to his profession, he expressed mostly obscene language and did not make discoveries in mathematics or physics. Meanwhile, his authorship belongs to a sufficiently well-known phrase, which illustrates a non-alternative choice. Translated into Russian and censored, it reads: "If you choose from two opposites in a non-alternative situation, both options will be nonsense." This axiom became known quite accidentally, after the publication on the portal "Lurkmor". Now this resource is buried, but the "theorem" has scattered over the Web and has become quite well-known.

Is this a theorem or an axiom? The theorem needs to be confirmed, while the axiom is a postulate, a truth that does not require proof. The statement by Pablo Escobar does not really need arguments "for", so it's more correct to call it "axiomatic."

Synonyms for the statement of Escobar

The axiom of a drug lord is not the first in historyquite clearly shows the situation, when we face two uncomfortable options as a choice. Remember the saying "of two evils choose the lesser", a meaning that is close to the words of Escobar. The axiom in this case is this: if both are not to your liking, and there is no alternative, calculate, when choosing which one you will lose less.

escobar theorem

Between Scylla and Charybdis

Another synonymous expression refers towinged expressions of Greek mythology and sounds like "between Scylla and Charybdis." When Odysseus was on a voyage, he had to pass through the ship a dangerous place, located between two rocks. In one rock, called Charybdis, was a cave, the abode of a terrible monster. And on the mountain Scylla lived an evil sea goddess. Pass the rocks, just to avoid them was impossible, and therefore Odysseus decided to swim past Scylla. As Odysseus had calculated, the monster would have killed a maximum of half the team, while the sea goddess would have killed the whole team and Odysseus himself. So having enrolled, the famous seafarer saved most of the team.

Also in the Russian language there are statements "from the fireyes into the fire, "" between the hammer and the anvil, "which all mean the same thing - in the case of two non-alternative options, still have to choose something, but we will not be happy with this choice.

non-alternative choice

The choice in modern realities

How does Escobar's theorem look in real life? We are constantly confronted with situations when it is necessary to choose between alternatives completely bleak. Imagine that you need your work because of the salary that you keep your family. At the same time, your boss tells you that you will have to stay for a month until late, otherwise he will fire you. You understand that if you get fired, finding a suitable job will be very difficult. And what to choose? You work for your loved ones, but you will have to give up for a while from them to earn money for living. If you choose relatives, it's not a fact that you will soon find money for their maintenance. And you do not like either option, but you will choose the lesser of evils.

pablo escobar

The choice is always

Escobar's theorem assumes the existence of only twooptions, each of which we do not like. But meanwhile reality presupposes, as a rule, much more opportunities. Faced a non-alternative situation? Look at it from a different angle, maybe you did not take all opportunities into account. Very often we "zashtoryvayemsya" and close the choice, which lies in a different plane. In order not to fall prey to Pablo Escobar's theorem, the axiom is the following - allow yourself to look at the problem with other eyes. Give yourself time, become an indifferent, indifferent observer, ask advice from relatives or relatives. Along with the "two evils" there is another saying - "there is always a choice." And believe that the case lies not only in the "Scylla and Charybdis," there is an opportunity to turn back or choose a completely different path. Mr. Escobar's axiom is a controversial statement. Very rarely life gives us only two options for the development of events.

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