We depict animals. How to draw a crocodile?

Crocodile - one of the most dangerous and famousanimals all over the globe. Its length is 2.5-3 m. They appeared a very long time, about 260 million years ago. Their skull has a similar structure to the skulls of extinct dinosaurs. On the feet of a crocodile for 4-5 fingers. The life of alligators is quite long, it is about 85 years. Literally "crocodile" translates as "pebble worm". In general, about 25 different species of crocodiles live on the earth. One of the most common - Nile, comb, Kuban, Australian, Filipino, sharply, Siamese, swamp, river, Madagascar. Many people are attracted by this animal, and many would like to have its image in itself. How to draw a crocodile in pencil? Let's look at the article.

how to draw a crocodile in stages


Before you start the process of creativity,let's study the anatomical view of the crocodile. The appearance of the alligator confirms its adaptation to the aquatic environment. This animal has a powerful jaw with a series of sharp canines, a small oval trunk, a long tail, a skin consisting of stiff legs, four short but powerful and thick paws, allowing the crocodile to move, swim and procure food.

How to draw a crocodile in stages

The entire process of the image of an alligator consists ofsix steps. The animal's body consists of ovals, to which is attached a small thick head with a powerful jaw. Four powerful paws with sharp claws are attached to the body. Try to draw a crocodile as lifelike as possible, as if he would now descend from the image and attack his prey. So, let's get started.

Step 1

When studying the question of how to draw a crocodile, let's start withcontours of the trunk. First of all, we represent an elongated thin oval. On the right side, add a small circle, this will be the head of the animal. On her outline the eye level and oblique line of the mouth of the alligator. Next, draw an elongated tail - a curving thin line. We add one more to this line, the tail should be long and thick. From the oval-trunk we mark a line of paws with four fingers on each.

how to draw a crocodile in pencil

Step 2

We continue to "revive" the head of the crocodile: add the eye, nostrils and open mouth with a series of sharp teeth. The outline of the mouth should not be too long. Then we circle our paws. The extremities should turn out to be short and thick with widely spaced fingers.

Step 3

Remove all unnecessary contour lines. We check the proportions and correct inaccuracies. Next, draw the inside of the mouth, the alligator instantly becomes more "alive". Additionally, we add small creases on the head of the crocodile.

Step 4

Let's continue our study of how to drawcrocodile. We make the animal's body more clear. We proceed to the chitinous cover. We start with zigzag lines on the back, gradually moving to the tail. We draw short creases on the cheeks of the alligator. We add small strips on the head and paws.

how to draw a crocodile

Step 5

We will put on the back of the crocodile even more acutetriangular lines, it will be horny growths. Clearly draw every detail. Then we add a number of canines to the open mouth. Next, we attach sharp claws to the fingers of the limbs. In the end we erase all the unnecessary lines and make the contour of the animal more clear and bright. That's how to draw a crocodile.


If you wish, you can color it coldgray-green color. Do not make the alligator bright green, as only the crocodile of Gene from the well-known cartoon looks, in reality the animals have a greyish-green dirty color. Also the cover of your alligator can be gray, yellowish, dirty green, brown, olive or light brown. Add the crocodile black (dark brown) stripes or spots. Colors should be cold, blurred and muffled. Coloring the alligator, add the place of his stay, it can be a river, a lake or thickets of bush. Successes to you in drawing and creativity!

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