2018 Olympics: where will the next Winter Olympics take place?

It has long been known where the WinterOlympics-2018. Voting for the applicant cities took place in Durban (South Africa) on July 6, 2011. All candidates for the right to accept athletes from around the world in 2018 were worthy. But the victory was won by an amazing city called Pyeongchang (South Korea). Let's find out what the capital of the Winter Olympic Games represents in 2018, and also see what was not enough to win the voting in other candidate cities.

olympiad 2018

Munich - a city of modernization

German Munich offered to re-equipski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen and facilities that provided the Olympics in the distant 1936-th year. Financially strong and reliable Germany has long been home to half of the permanent sponsors of all winter sports. To ensure that at the proper level was the Olympics-2018, in Munich were ready to allocate more than forty million euros. But even the influence of vice-president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach was not enough for Munich to win the vote. Applicants for the next 2018 Olympics to be held in the German city of Munich should have recalled the unspoken rule of the International Olympic Committee that the Olympics can not be held twice in one continent on the same continent. Only once happened this - in 1994, the Winter Games took the city of Lillehammer in Norway, after in 1992 it was made by the city of Albertville in France.

Annecy - return to the roots
where the Winter Olympics 2018 will be held

The French city of Annecy offered to return tothe origins of the Olympic movement. It is known that the first Winter Olympics was held in the city of Chamonix in 1924, and after 1994 the Olympic Games were always held in cities far from the mountain ranges such as Turin, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, Nagano.

Despite the fact that both Munich and Annecy financiallywere relatively ready for the Olympics-2018 to pass on their territory, the local population was categorically opposed. In Munich, 26% of the population voted in favor, in Annecy - 51%. This is explained by the fact that people are worried about their settlements, because they consider this event anti-ecological. In the assessment report of the city-applicant Ansi, information was provided on the inconvenient traffic interchanges, as well as the large distance between the four Olympic villages, which served as key arguments not in his favor.

Pyeongchang is an ideal city for the Olympics
the capital of the Winter Olympics 2018

The South Korean city of Pyeongchang has become the place wherewill host the 2018 Winter Olympics. In his favor, factors such as a huge budget of 100 million euros for the Olympics, a functional and ultra-compact Olympic park, which they built specifically for the competition, played. Recall that this is the third application of Pyeongchang to host world-class sports competitions, the two previous ones (2010 and 2014) were unsuccessful. In 2014, in order to become the official capital of the Olympic Games, Phenchhan did not have only four votes. The victory was then won by Sochi, who spent this year one of the most grandiose Olympic games in the history of sports.

An important event for South Korea

The decision about where the next one will beOlympics-2018, was adopted at the IOC meeting in 2011, on July 6. The head of the IOC Jean Rogge informed all present that the 23 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang. 63 members of the International Olympic Committee voted for this city-contender. Members of the IOC in choosing the city in which the 2018 Olympics will take place, undoubtedly took into account the fact that the inhabitants of Pyeongchang, in contrast to the inhabitants of Munich and Annecy, support the idea of ​​holding competitions on their territory.

where will be the next Olympiad 2018

The victory of the South Korean city, which was submitted bythe application is not the first time, you can call it quite natural. In Guatemala in 2007, they lagged behind Sochi by only a few votes, and during this time managed to strengthen their positions. One of the decisive factors of their victory was the slogan "New Horizons for the Olympic Movement!". And he fully reflects the role of Pyeongchang in the history of the Games - holding competitions in this city opens the door to the new region for the Olympic movement! Before that, Asia hosted the Winter Olympics twice, and both times - in Japan.

Geographic data of the capital OI-2018

The South Korean Pyeongchang County is located inProvince of Gangwon-do, in 182 km from the capital of Korea - Seoul. This is an amazingly beautiful place that attracts tourists all year round all year round. In summer people come here who wish to relax in the mountains, in the winter - lovers can spend time at ski resorts in comfort. The population of the city, which will host the 2018 Olympics, is only 48 thousand people.

The main competitions will take place not only inPyeongchang, but also in the counties of Gangneung and Chonson. These three settlements are located only thirty kilometers from each other, which is certainly a big plus in the formation of tourist routes for the time of the Olympics.

Winter Olympic Games 2018

Province Gangwon-do - an amazing tourist resort

Gangwon-do is the heart of winter sports inKorea. The pristine nature of the mountains, gorges and valleys makes this place ideal for rafting. In summer, the sandy coast in the East of the province is an excellent option for passive beach recreation, and in winter skiing among fabulous landscapes is an unforgettable adventure. Spring and autumn impress with their colors and amazing landscapes. You can have a rest in Gangwon-do at any time of the year.

Pyeongchang - the capital of the Olympic Games-2018

Virtually all competitions in the ski and other"Snow" sports will be held in Alpensia (a mountain cluster in Pyeongchang). This ski resort will become an Olympic stadium, which will also host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Olympic Games. In addition to "Alpensia", athletes from all over the world will take ski resorts "Phoenix Park" and "Enphen".

Tourists who came to Pyeongchang on the WinterOlympic Games in 2018, will be able to admire such local attractions as the Korean Botanical Garden of Wild Plants, the National Park of the Odessan Mountains, pasture Samyang Tagvalen.

Recommended tourist itineraries
next Olympics 2018

In addition to Pyeongchang, the competition will be held incities of Gangneung and Chongsong. In Gangneung all competitions on ice sports will be held. Tourists, in addition to the grandiose events of the 2018 Olympics, can also find the Tano Festival, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is held annually in Gangneung. Among the sights of this city can be singled out the Songgezhang mansion, built more than three hundred years ago, and the Ozhukkhon manor, where the famous scientist and politician Yulgok was born and lived in the 16th century.

As for Chonson County, by the beginningOlympic Games in 2018 will be built here ski resort called "Chungbon". Here, fans will be able to enrich their impressions of staying in South Korea by visiting places of interest such as Hwaamdongul Cave, where gold was mined in the 20th century, the traditional Chongsongzhang Market, Unamjong Restaurant, which serves traditional Korean dishes that the King himself likes. Admire the scenic scenery in Chonson, you can ride on a train bicycle Auraji.

Other places of interest in Gangwon-do Province

If you're going to walk around South Korea, then you should payattention to the National Park of the Soraksan Mountains, which lies between the Sokcho and Inje County, as well as the Taegymgul and Hwangsongul Caves near the town of Samchok, the Namisom and Chundo Islands and the picturesque Lake Soyanco near Chungcheong.

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