Losing weight after giving birth - we return old forms!

Most women dream that afterbirth to return to its former form. After losing weight after childbirth - one of the most urgent problems, exciting young mothers. Extra pounds are a little overshadowed by the joy of the appearance of a baby. But everything is fixable, and only a great willpower, a great desire and, of course, patience are needed. Losing weight after childbirth is effective only if it is approached consistently, adhering to certain rules.

First you need to remember that you lose weight fastis impossible. It is necessary to make it clear that the weight was accumulated gradually for nine months, and gradually it should also be dumped. The loss of one kilogram per month is normal for a nursing mother, so as not to cause harm to her health and the health of the baby. But at the same time it is not recommended to sit on a rigid diet, as together with milk the child receives the most valuable nutrients vital to him in the first months of his life.

Effective weight loss after childbirth is impossible withoutcalm state of mind of a woman. It is necessary to avoid nervous and physical exertion, fatigue, because all this is directly related to a metabolic disorder.

Combating overweight should start with an activemovement. But intensified sports, such as swinging the press, fast running are undesirable, since the body is not yet strong, and intensive weight loss after birth is contraindicated.

A good opportunity to lose weight is a walk withstroller. After all, walking is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. You should walk for at least two hours two or three times a day. The footwear should be comfortable at the same time, the back should be kept straight, the pace of walking kept moderate, and most importantly - breathe in full air, because the benefits of oxygen are unnecessary. The swing of the press can be replaced by inflation and retraction of the abdomen. Excellent training for him. More intensive weight loss after childbirth is possible after two months, when the body gradually begins to gain strength and gain strength. But still the regime should be sparing. You can, for example, increase the load on the problem place - the stomach. The bridge will be useful to him. In a supine position with bent legs, lift the pelvis no less than thirty times. Also important for the press is a bicycle. You need to lie on your back, put your feet together, put your hands behind your head, and lock it into the lock. Simulating the movements of a bicyclist is not difficult. Finally, standing on the floor, you can make any slope and rotation in different directions.

Losing weight after birth involves a diet, butvery reasonable and balanced. There are five to six times a day, and portions should be small. The feeling of hunger can not be tolerated in any case. Milk food in the form of cottage cheese, kefir must be present. It is necessary to include in the diet and protein foods - meat, fish and better in boiled form, and not fried. Do not forget about the fruits, which are a storehouse of all vitamins. Teas for weight loss are better not to use, because they create only visibility, removing water from the body.

Another useful tip for effectivelosing weight: you should try not to overeat. Many people mistakenly believe that the more you eat, the fatter and better the milk will be. It is necessary to know that the amount of food taken does not influence lactation. The main role here is played by the hormone prolactin, and its production from food does not depend. Therefore it is quite possible and even necessary to balance your diet. The main rule - food should not be plentiful, but useful and varied.

The woman's organism undergoes a greatstress, so the loss of iron, protein and calcium is very noticeable, and it is necessary to replenish this stock as soon as possible. You should eat mainly dairy products, lean meat, eggs, poultry, seafood, nuts. Correctly organized food will bring not only pleasure, but also help to regain a beautiful and harmonious figure.

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