Skiathlon - what is it? What are the rules of the skiathlon?

Surely, many of you have already experiencedmention of this type of cross-country skiing, like skiathlon. "What is it?" - you want to find out and, of course, understand the rules of the competition. Well, let's try to get to know them better, especially since the skiathlon is very spectacular, very intense and interesting competitions.

Skiathlon Sochi

How did the skiathlon

Skiathlon is a sport that, despiteThe modern name is not new. The ski pursuit race that existed since 1924 acquired a modern format, called a pasyut. And in June 2011, it was renamed the decision of the FIS Council in Ljubljana, so it was convenient to distinguish the competition data from the race-related pursuit races with handicap.

Skiathlon is included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games, as well as in the Scandinavian World Ski Championships FIS.

What is a skiathlon?

Skiathlon, called earlier, as it was alreadymentioned, pasyutom or duatlon, refers to the pursuit races, since it consists of two stages. And the position of athletes at the start of the second part of the race is determined by the results that were shown to him in the previous part of the competition.

skiathlon what is it

In contrast to racing with a handicap, where from timeEach skier is taken away from the leader of the races and in the second round he is released after the leader through this interval, in the skiathlon, the one who quickly arrived to replace the skis starts and has time to change shoes.

In the first race skiers run the so-called classical style, and in the second - skate.

Between the races in the skiathlon there is no break. Athletes after passing the first part of the race in the same style (classic) arrive in a specially equipped area where they change skis and immediately go to overcome the second part, this time with a freestyle.

The final result in the described pursuit race is equal to the finish time of each skier.

Women in the skiathlon, as a rule, pass at a time distance of 7.5 km, and men - 15 km.

What is the classic style in the ski race

As you already understood, races in every stage of the competition are held by different methods of skiing.

Let's see, the classic style in the raceskiathlon - what is it? They in skiing are called the movement of athletes on a pre-prepared ski track (two specially rolled parallel tracks).

skiathlon is

In this style of skiing hands arethe main "driving force", as it is impossible to make an emphasis on cross-country skiing - it is convenient only for sliding. The athlete's skis at the run are forward, and the legs involuntarily turn out to be more passive than the hands.

Classical style is divided into different wayswalking, depending on how the skier is repelled by sticks and how many steps it takes in one cycle. Alternating or simultaneous repulsion by sticks at the same time is combined with a two-step and single-stroke course, depending on the type and terrain.

Free style of running in the race skiathlon - what is it?

By free style it is meant that the skierchooses any convenient way of movement. But due to the fact that the ridge style is the fastest, they are used most often - under the free style, as a rule, they mean the skate course.

During the ridge course, the hands are already involved, andAthlete's feet. And the skier is moving at the same time, pushing with his foot turned at an angle from the road, which outwardly resembles the usual running on skates (hence, the name of this style appeared).

By the way, this way of traveling onSkiing was first demonstrated in 1981 by Finn Pauli Siitonen. At the time of the competition, he was already over 40, but he (thanks largely to the new style) won in the race for 55 km. Like this!

The most common in the free style are the simultaneous single-step and simultaneous two-pronged ridge move.

men's skiathlon

What is common to all pursuit races

Pursuit racing in all sports hassimilar general rules. These include, first of all, that such competitions are held in several stages and between them, in most cases a break is made. More often they spend two days, less often the interval is several hours. Athletes in each next stage (and in the biathlon, for example, and in the first race), take at the start position depending on the previously shown results, that is, the strongest starts first.

The ski skiathlon is held without interruption, including during the race and the time required to change skis.

In all races pursuit are not allowedequal results of two athletes at the finish. If it is not possible to determine during the timing, which of the participants came first, this is done using a photo finish.

By the way, the only precedent for awardingmedals with one dignity were gold medals in biathlon at the World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk (2003), divided between the Frenchwoman Sandrine Bailly and the German Martine Glagov. In this situation, the shutter of the photo finish camera was closed by the body of the first skiers present at the time of the finish, so it was not possible to establish the winner unequivocally.

skiathlon sport

Features of the skiathlon

Skiathlon is a race that is differentspecial gravity and difficulties. Skiers here not only meet with the speedy overcoming of the track, but they still need to have time to change in special ski boxes, remembering the precious seconds, because the stopwatch does not stop at that time.

Men, as already mentioned, run twice to 15km in a circle with a length of 3.75 km. At the same time, the total distance is 30 km. And women - 7.5 km in a circle of 2.5 km, and their total distance is as a result of a length of 15 km.

The track for skiers in this race, as a rule, is laid so that it passes several times through the stadium.

Skiathlon: Sochi-2014

In the Olympic Sochi competitions in the skiathlonwere held on the ski-biathlon complex "Laura", and they made a strong impression on the composition of the participants. There were also Olympic champions, winners of the World Cup, and world champions. But the leaders were the old favorites of ski races - national teams of Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

So, for example, in the race skiathlon (men) 68 athletes from thirty different countries took part.

The strongest in this case was the SwissDario Cologne, who became, thus, a two-time Olympic champion. The silver medal went to Marcus Helner, the Swede, and the bronze to the Norwegian Martin Jonsrud Sundby.

ski skiathlon

Competitions in the skiathlon

To better understand, the skiathlon - what is it,be sure to watch the competition. After all, this kind of sport makes high demands on athletes' ability to be universal. It's not a secret that every skier prefers one style of ski walking. Someone is impressed by the classic, and someone feels particularly confident during the ridge run.

The need for universality makes everySkiathlon competitions are especially intense and spectacular. So, in the Olympic Sochi and gold, and bronze medals went to Norwegians: Marit Bjorgen and Heidi Weng - and the silver medalist was Swedish skier Charlotte Kalle. And at the World Championships, held in Falun (2015), the unbeaten earlier Björgen was already on the sidelines, while the first place was taken by her team-mate, Norwegian Teresa Johaug.

Skiathlon is a race that deserves attention and will never give a cheer to the fan!

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