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In 2014 in our country there was a grandiosesports event - Sochi Winter Olympics. What sports were represented on it, we will recall in our article. However, I would like to note the fact that the Olympic program includes only those sports that are widespread in at least 25 countries on three continents. Each of them is under the leadership of its International Sports Federation. To date, the Winter Olympics are held in 7 sports, presented in 15 disciplines.


Biathlon is a very popular winter sport for fans of the Olympics. It combines a race for skis and shooting at targets from a small-caliber rifle.

winter sport of the Olympiad

The essence of the competition is thatthe athlete needs to first overcome the distance on skis with four firing lines. For shooting, a rifle is used, which is behind the athlete's back all the time. It does not have an optical sight. The distance to the target is 50 meters. At the moment of hitting the target, the black target is closed with a white valve, so that the athlete immediately sees if he hit the target or not. The diameter of the target depends on the position from which the shooting takes place: 4.5 cm - lying and 11.5 cm - standing.

In modern biathlon competitions are held in personal championship, sprint, relay race, mass start, pursuit race.


Bobsleigh is the winter sport of the Olympics (since 1924), the meaning of which is the fastest descent along the ice track in controlled beans.

Winter Olympics which sports
A team can consist of two or fourman - steering, braking and two pushers in four beans. Each member of the crew performs its function: the pushers disperse the bean at the start, on which its speed depends, the helmsman controls the bean on the track and tends to pass it along the optimal trajectory, without losing speed during bends, the braking stops the bean at the end of the route.

The ice track has the form of a trench 1.5-2 km longwith various turns and bends in complexity. Modern beans are made of fiberglass, aluminum, Kevlar. The control is carried out by means of a movable front axle. During the descent the bean can reach a speed of over 150 km / h.

Not so long ago in the bobsleigh, another sport discipline stood out: the skeleton. Descent along the icy track is carried out on skeletons - a two-lane sleigh on a fortified frame.


Despite the fact that the first mentions of curling were found in the literature of the 15th century, it was included in the Olympics program only in 1994.

Olympic sports of the Winter Olympics

Before two teams there is a task - to putThe maximum number of stones in the circle (house), closer to its center. In this case, you can knock out the opponent's stones from the house. To increase the speed of sliding, as well as to change the trajectory of its movement, the participants rub the ice in front of the stone with special mops - from friction the ice melt, and the shell slides along the thin layer of water formed.

The stones are made of granite. Each weighs about 20 kg.


Skating is also included in the Olympic sports of the Winter Olympics and includes 3 types of sports disciplines:

  • Speed ​​skating is a contest of skaters on short (up to 1.5 km) and long (up to 10 km) distances. Participants compete in pairs: one runs along the outer circle, the other - on the inside.
  • Figure skating is a favorite winter sport of the Olympics. Compete as loners (men and women), and couples. The technical component of dance and artistry is assessed.
    7 kinds of sports of the Winter Olympics
  • Short track - this is another version of speed skating. Athletes at a speed overcome various distances inside the hockey box. Compete for a personal championship and in the team (relay).


This kind includes several sports disciplines:

  • Skiing - skiing downhill from a mountain slope marked by a gate and flags.
  • Cross-country biathlon (held only among men). First, athletes jump from a springboard, and then take part in a ski race, and the first to start is the one who got the highest number of points for jumping.
  • Cross-country skiing - cross-country skiing a certain distance, the length of which can be up to 50 km.
  • Ski jumping - very spectacularwinter sport of the Olympics. For making jumps, complex engineering constructions are made - jumps. Not only the range of the jump is estimated, but also the technique.
  • Freestyle includes such types as skiacrobatics and moguls. In acrobatics, athletes perform a variety of jumps and jumps from the springboards. In the mogul, the descent is first made on skis on an uneven, koskogoobraznoy highway, and then two jumps from a springboard.
  • Snowboarding - descent from the mountains on a special track and acrobatic jumps from the springboards on the board - snowboard.
    list of sports winter Olympics

Luge sport

Descent on a sleigh is another one of 7 sportsthe Winter Olympics. Competitions are held among singles (men and women), as well as pairs (mix). The rules do not differ from the rules of bobsled and skeleton - you need to quickly and accurately overcome the ice track.

Sledge is an aerodynamic shield,fastened on two skids. At the ends of the runners are fixed special devices, with the help of which the athlete controls the sledge. The outfit consists of an aerodynamic suit, a helmet, shoes with buckles, thanks to which the legs of the lugbers are fixed in the elongated position. Gloves with thorns are necessary for repulsion at the start.


Hockey on ice is completed by our list of sportsthe Winter Olympics. The competition is held between two teams, which aspire as much as possible to get the puck into the opponent's goal. Each team consists of six people plus spare players.

List of Olympic Games sport regularlyis supplemented. So, for example, in 2011, several other sports disciplines were introduced into the Olympic program: in skiing - jumping from a springboard for women; in the sled - relay race; in figure skating - team competitions; in freestyle - slopestyle; in snowboarding - slopestyle and parallel team slalom.

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