Scheme of swinging press in the hall and at home. With us to learn easily

Summer, the sea and the beach - it's kinda,interconnected concepts, pushing guys and girls to the maximum possible pull up their body. Let it not be the peak of athleticism, but even the usual slender body attracts more attention than the sagging belly and general decrepitude of your "body." And here, on this ground, implying a race for a beautiful body, many admit big, if not global, mistakes: spend hours on the morning or evening walks, make thousands of twists on the press, arrange hunger strikes and other fables. In this article, we will try to cover these problems as deeply as possible, to show what the scheme should be for swinging the press, running, dieting. We will not pull the "cat behind the tail", let's begin!

press swing circuit

So, the scheme of rocking the press. Perhaps, this is the only muscle group, which is easy enough to pump even at home, albeit not as effectively as in the gym. And this is not because there are no miraculous simulators, trainers and a special "atmosphere" at home. The thing is that in the hall, performing many exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench presses and others) for seemingly very far from the press muscles, it is he who receives the lion's load, therefore pumped up and gets several times more efficient. However, the house is not bad either. Guys, of course, coveted cubes can hardly be seen in their perfection, but they are guaranteed a slender body. We will compose 2 programs for swinging the press: at home and in the fitness club. They will be significantly different, so we recommend that you read both. But for a start, we will dispel the myths that often plague many people: doing thousands of repetitions, you will not improve the muscles of the press, but on the contrary - do harm; shaking a press, you will not lose weight in the belly, because a pinpoint reduction of fat is impossible, and 90% of the pledge of your success in reducing weight is a diet.

swing of the press

Scheme of swing press in the hall

Week 1-2:

1) Lifting the legs in the vise on the crossbar (one of the hardest exercises) - 3x7.

2) Lifting the legs lying - 4x20 (25).

3) Classic twisting - 3x30 (50).

Week 3-4:

1) Lifting the legs in the vise on the crossbar - 5x10.

2) Raising the trunk (lying on an incline bench) - 3x30 (50).

3) Classic twisting - 3x30 (50).

Week 5-6:

1) Lifting the legs in the vise on the crossbar - 5x10.

2) Twisting in a Roman chair - 4x25.

3) Diagonal twists on the 4x12 block.

Here is a table for rocking the press. Next, everyone should choose the exercises "for themselves." That is, such exercises that have the best effect. As a rule, if you observe a strict diet (in any case you can not starve!) Correctly selected program and systematic training, the same cubes (for both boys and girls) can be noticed already for 2-3 months of training. Well, not a very long time for achieving a dream!

press swing table

Scheme of swing press at home

So, the program for studying at home. In principle, at home, you can not change the exercises, but only to increase the load.

Week 1-2:

1) Twisting on the floor - 3х50.

2) Simultaneous lifting of hands and feet lying - 3х10.

3) Exercise "Cuttlefish" - 3х10.

4) Twisting with a shin on a bench - 3х15.

These exercises are enough. In the following weeks, to the last 3 exercises, you need to add 5 repetitions, until you reach 30.

That's all. This technique will allow you to quickly and easily pump the muscles of the press. For multiple amplification of the effect, it is recommended to do morning / evening jogs for 20-30 minutes at a moderate pace. And, of course, diet. All that should be adhered to in it is to reduce consumption of fast carbohydrates (sweets), saturated fats (unsaturated fats, on the contrary, it is desirable to eat), and also to increase the intake of fiber (preferably from vegetables, but you can also have some fruits). Good luck!

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