Sounder Lucky Fish Finder 718: reviews, instructions, specs. Wireless fish finder for fishing

A highly specialized locator designedfor studying the relief of the bottom of the reservoir - that's what the Lucky Fish Finder 718 wireless fish finder is. The user feedback will help you to choose the right instrument. The device works as a navigator, determines the depth of the river, lake, pond, sea using acoustic echoes.

What is it?

What could be better than a universal echo sounder LuckyFish Finder 718? User feedback is advised to pay attention to this device. It is inexpensive, in comparison with more functional models, and performs its task well. A portable device with a waterproof housing will be indispensable for winter fishing. Built-in temperature sensor, sound alarm and display of fish symbols are the main functions of the locator.

echo sounder lucky fish finder 718 reviews

The echo sounder is activated when the sensor is inwater. Two contacts located in the lower part of it, when in contact with the liquid form an electrical circuit. If the depth sounder is used in the winter season, you can not drill a hole, but measure the depth through the ice thickness. To do this, find a flat area on the river, put the sensor in a bag of water, then move it to where you are going to fish. If fishing night, the device is highlighted with white LEDs. Track the operating status of the echo sounder by means of a special indicator on the display, which informs about the state of the charge. The peculiarity is that the device switches off automatically after the sensor is removed from the water.


A wireless sounder for fishing is used toall its varieties: from the shore or boat. It serves as an excellent substitute for a fishing rod for fishing in a new location. The sounder saves time for the angler. Original devices, unlike fakes, have unique inscriptions, factory russified firmware and serial serial number. If you use the sounder from the shore, you need to attach a sensor to the line, throw the coil and rod into the pond.

wireless sounder lucky fish finder 718 reviews

The sensor transmits information about the fish anddepth on which it is located. The device draws a relief of the bottom, which helps to identify shoals, crooks and riverbeds where the fish hide. The echosounder does not have wires. When the sensor is in the water, the device automatically starts to work. Power is provided with conventional batteries. Many anglers like the Lucky Fish Finder 718. The reviews confirm that the locator is not worse than expensive models. It is small in size and multifunctional.

What is it needed for?

A wireless sounder for fishing lets you know the depth of the pond, the structure of the bottom and the presence of fish at a distance of up to one hundred and twenty meters:

  1. The sounder can be used in any weather and season, from the shore or boat.
  2. In order to measure the depth in winter, you do not need to drill a hole. The device checks the bottom and the presence of fish in the pond at a distance using a sensor.
  3. The sounder is small in size, ergonomic, easily fits in your pocket. It is convenient to use, it is simple in operation.
  4. The unit quickly finds places of accumulation of fish.
  5. Thanks to the echo sounder, the angler saves time.
  6. The device is able to completely replace the marker rods, which perform the same function as locators - measure the depth of the reservoir.
  7. The device works regardless of the time of day and on any water.

wireless sounder for fishing

Lucky Fish Finder 718 (reviewsconfirm) - an indispensable device for an avid angler. It accurately measures the depth of the reservoir, the water temperature, provides complete information about the structure and topography of the bottom.


One of the most popular models among anglers is the Lucky Fish Finder 718. The feedback on the device is mostly positive. Detailed technical specifications of this locator:

  • high-contrast matrix screen 1,61h1,89 inches;
  • LED white illumination of the display, wide-beam, single-beam sensor;
  • the sensor scanning angle is 90 degrees;
  • maximum and minimum depth interval - 40 meters and 70 centimeters;
  • Measures temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius;
  • wireless communication operates at a distance of one hundred and twenty meters, with the possibility of increasing it to two hundred and fifty (you need to connect an additional antenna);
  • works on four batteries;
  • there is a charge indicator;
  • five levels of sensitivity;
  • a sound signal when a fish is detected;
  • protection of the housing against moisture;
  • bottom drawing, sound indication;
  • determination of water temperature;
  • The operating temperature is in the range of -20 to +70 degrees.

echo sounder lucky fish finder 718 price

If you turn off the device, the changed settingswill be preserved. Wireless fish finder Lucky Fish Finder 718 (instruction in Russian is attached) - universal, but its main purpose is fishing from the shore. To the tackle line, you need to attach the sensor that comes with the echosounder. With the help of inertia-free coil and rod, the sensor is thrown into the reservoir. The sensitive device transmits the necessary information to the shore. Even in difficult conditions, it will not lose its functionality. In the complete set the wireless transducer, a strap for carrying the sonar, batteries, the instruction is delivered.


Is it worth buying an echo sounder? Price Lucky Fish Finder 718 is not at all budget. The average cost of the device is 5 500 rubles. In some specialized stores, it is significantly higher or, conversely, lower.

wireless sounder lucky fish finder 718 manual


What are the advantages and disadvantages of wirelessecho sounder Lucky Fish Finder 718? The reviews of the fishermen confirm that this unit is reliable, easy to use, compact. It does not guarantee a 100% result in the search for fish, but transmits the most accurate information about the state of the bottom and the reservoir's fullness of prey. The pluses include a good black and white display, good image quality, functionality.

The device is cheaper than similar models of othersfirms. Assembly performed qualitatively. Latitude is light, the display shows information about the depth, the current water temperature, the presence of fish in the pond, the bottom profile, the depth scale, the level of battery charge, the signal from the sensor. The menu in the echo sounder is convenient, it's quite easy to understand the principle of operation. The transmitter housing is sealed, the signal is good. Of the disadvantages - instead of the original echo sounder, it's easy to get a fake. It is better to buy the device in specialized stores. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to show the product a certificate.

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