Inspired by Messie's biography: Adidas Pibe de Barr10

The world famous company "Adidas" together witha great footballer of our time Lionel Messi recently presented to the public a new, even more comfortable and technologically advanced shoes. They are called Pibe de Barr10, which means "Child from Barrio". In the development of this sports shoes, Lionel Messi himself took an active part. Boots were created by designers after visiting the Argentine town of Barrio of Las Heras, Rosario, in which the guru of modern football began his first serious steps to comprehend the secrets of this interesting sport.

Trying to convey the entire color of local streets,Lionel Messi's shoes were designed in an urban, unique style with pronounced strokes of graffiti. The novelty of "Adidas" has a number of innovations in production. The upper part of the shoe is made of special nano-material HybridTouch, which creates excellent comfort and soft fit for the legs of a football player. For the best cohesion and contact of the football projectile with the athlete's foot the manufacturer has created the Dribletex technology, which allows to control the ball perfectly even in wet rainy weather. In "Adidas" also used a new technology for building heels, soles and studs of boots, providing their owner a number of significant advantages.

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Inspired by the prodigy's biography

Without a doubt, Pibe de Barr10 isunique design football shoes. Messi told the journalists about the place of his becoming as a football player: "I really left the native city of Rosario still very young, but my relatives and friends still live in it, and there are my most favorite places there." Representatives of the manufacturer to the creation of new products attracted the local charismatic designer Ignacio Valenti, who dressed the history of Lionel and his personal wishes in a style that characterizes the shoes Adidas. Messi personally made a number of proposals concerning not only the appearance, but also the functional load of football shoes, which should not only be beautiful and stylish, but also comfortable, practical and wear-resistant. Lionel as the leader of Barcelona always tries to be the first in everything.

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The loneliness of Lionel is now available to everyone

Probably every fan of football could not stayindifferent to how zealously and tenaciously leads and takes away the ball from rival Lionel Messi. Boots from "Adidas" with Dribbletex technology now allow each player to show miracles of ball and ball magnetism, previously available only to the virtuoso football prodigy. The whole secret of this technology is the use of the latest synthetic materials with a high coefficient of friction and wear resistance, regardless of the weather conditions. Wearing such boots on your feet, you immediately begin to feel how easily and at ease you can now handle a football projectile. The ball just sticks to the leg, completely without hampering the movements of the player.

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Comfort throughout the match

Everyone knows that a football match isthe hardest physical test for athletes, because running all 90 minutes at a good active pace is very difficult. Excellent indicators in the work on the football field is always shown by Argentine striker Lionel Messi, whose shoes always have a high level of comfort and durability. In professional sports, the approach to choosing the right equipment is a very important occupation, therefore, based on Lionel's wishes, Adidas in the new boots improved the anatomical insole, which facilitates the load on the foot, and also applied the HybridTouch material to form the top of the product. In combination, these two solutions have significantly reduced the load on the athlete's ankle during the whole grueling football match.

Quick start and ease in the snatch

"Child from Barrio" - the first product from "Adidas",in which the technology of manufacturing the sole from the polyurethane SprintFrame was applied. It, together with the spikes produced by the technology SpeedTraxion, creates a football player an advantage in the starting breakthrough. Soft elastic material makes it possible to carry out the full control over the dribbling with the subsequent impact on the ball as conveniently as possible. This ensures a reliable strong grip with a lawn of any type, regardless of the level of moisture. Ran, like a lynx, from a place? Easily!

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Main features of the boots "Adidas" Pibe de Barr10

The joint creation of Adidas and the eminentfootball player of Spanish Barcelona - Pibe de Barr10 - impresses with an original design that conveys the street style of the hometown of Messi. The shoes are made with the use of the newest technologies for the production of soles, spikes, insole and top, which, in turn, creates for the owner an undeniable advantage over the opponent in the starting speed of running, comfort and tenacity of the ball. Although it is impossible to play like Lionel, simply changing shoes, but you can use the personal experience and energy of his native land in Argentina with the "Child from Barrio" from the world brand "Adidas".

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