"Legend №15" Alexander Yakushev: biography, sports and coaching career of a hockey player

You can transfer titles and awards for a long time.the legendary Soviet hockey player Alexander Yakushev, whose biography is represented in this article, has won over his long playing career. In addition to two gold medals of the Olympic Games, the attacker of the capital's "Spartacus" and the USSR national team won the World Championship seven times.

First Sports Steps

Yakushev Alexander Sergeevich was born in 1947 in thenear Balashikha. Ever since childhood, the future star of Soviet hockey has been drawn to sports. But first, Alexander decided to play football at the school "Spartacus". But after a while, Yakushev decided to try himself in a relatively new kind of sport for the USSR - ice hockey.

The first year the young athlete trained with the teammetallurgical plant "Hammer and Sickle," at which his parents worked then. But at age 13, Alexander Yakushev decided to move to the youth school "Spartacus" to coach Alexander Igumnov. When he asked the young man to bring an absentee ballon from the former team, Sasha thought that he simply did not want to take on the team, and stayed in his.

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However, soon the future famous player and coachagain met. During the game for the children's Cup of Moscow Igumnov saw Alexander in the game, and soon took him to his hockey school. It was then, in 1961, that the brilliant sports career of Legends No. 15 began.

Club career striker

When the 14-year-old striker got into the youth team"Spartacus", he was the youngest in the team. But Yakushev from the first season of his remarkable game firmly book a place in the starting lineup. He helped the "red and white" two consecutive seasons to win the youth championship of the USSR.

In 1964, the 17-year-old Yakushev was summoned toadult team "Spartacus" on the game with the "Wings of the Soviets." And he had to play in the top three, along with the famous Mayorov brothers. Despite the great excitement, Alexander Yakushev made his debut just fine, scoring the puck in the gates of the Samara club.
After such a triumphant start, the attacker began to gradually allow for games for the adult team. As he grew up and gained experience, Yakushev became a player of the main line-up.

1967 was a memorable year for Alexander. In this season, under the guidance of the legendary coach Bobrov, "Spartacus" became the champion of the USSR. Two years later, the Moscow team repeated this achievement, and Alexander Yakushev repeated the record of effectiveness set by Alexandrov - he scored 50 goals in a season.

The next champion title "Spartacus" won the season 1975/76. Yakushev at that time was considered the unconditional leader of the team, and the attacking link with him, Shadrin and Shalimov was considered the best in the USSR.

Next year, Alexander tries on a captain's armband "Spartacus." Unfortunately, this season the striker was injured, because of which he missed most of the championship.

Career of the legendary hockey player ended in 1980. Statistics of his performances are impressive - in 568 matches in the USSR championship he scored 339 goals, three times becoming the best scorer of the Union.

Games for the "Red Machine"

Since 1967, the newly-made champion of the USSR in composition"Spartacus" Alexander Yakushev - hockey player of the national team. Then he made his debut at the World Cup. In the match against the GDR Yakushev came on as a substitute and immediately scored. As a result, the USSR national team became the champion.

Having missed one World Cup, in 1969 the striker againgoes to the world championship in Sweden, and in his collection of awards there is one more gold medal. A year later, the USSR team again wins a similar tournament.

In 1972 Yakushev became Olympic champion. For this achievement he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.

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But the real world fame came to the legendaryhockey player after the famous "Series-72", in which the USSR national team met with Canadian professionals, who were considered the best hockey players on the planet. Yakushev took part in all eight fights, in which he scored seven goals.

Two years later, he again showed his outstandingskill in the repeated series of games against the Canadians, and in 1975 at the World Championship, which was victorious for the USSR, became the best striker, for which he received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

The 1976 Olympics in Innsbruck again became a triumph for Yakushev and the Soviet national team. Three years later, the legendary athlete wins the seventh world title.

Alexander Yakushev wrote his name in the storySoviet hockey as one of the most productive players. In total for the USSR national team "Legend number 15" or "Yak-15", as the attacker was called for his game number, scored 146 goals.

Coach career

After leaving "Spartacus" Yakushev three more seasons was a playing coach in the Austrian club "Kapfenberg", where he also hit the fans with his productive game.

Returning home, Alexander Sergeevichbegan to work as a coach in his native "Spartacus." First he passed his experience to young hockey players, then became the second coach of the adult team, and in 1989 he became the main mentor of the Moscow club.

In the mid-1990s, Yakushev decided to work forabroad. He goes to Switzerland, where he leads the team "Ambri-Piota", but in 1998 he returns to "Spartacus", with which he works two full seasons. In parallel with the coaching of the "red-white" Alexander Yakushev headed the Russian team.

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At this time, the legendary hockey player is engaged inpopularization of a sport you love for yourself. He is the coach of the club "Legends of USSR hockey", and sometimes deduces teams on the All-Star Match. In addition, Yakushev was elected as president of the Night Hockey League.

In 2003, the International Ice Hockey Federation, taking into account all the achievements of the legendary player, introduced his name to the Hall of Fame.

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