Angel Di Maria: an angel, wandering in search of happiness

If there is a footballer in the world who has achieved outstanding results not "thanks" but "in spite of", then this is Angel Di Maria. The biography of the star will be presented in this publication.

early years

His career began rather prosaically. At the age of 7, the boy was admitted to the club of the native Argentine town of Rosario, at the urging of doctors. Angel was not at all eager to drive the ball with the boys across the field, he simply had nowhere to put his irrepressible energy. However, the new occupation quickly became used to the boy, showing good results, than pleased scouts of youth teams.

Already at the age of 17, Angel Di Maria was the firstcame on the field as part of the adult team "Independiente", immediately interested in the coach of the Argentine youth national football team. At the Youth World Championship-2007 young star was marked by 3 goals. Even then it became clear: the player does not sit out at home, he wants to see football Europe.

Star hour at the Olympics-2008

Immediately after the completion of the Youth ChampionshipWorld Argentine signed a 5-year contract with the Portuguese "Benfica", where the young player was given a warm welcome. In Portugal Angel Di Maria showed good football, it allowed him to go to the Argentina national team for the 2008 Olympics. During the tournament Angel Di Maria showed a good understanding with the team leader Lionel Messi. But the most starry hour of our main character can be considered the final match against Nigeria, where Di Maria scored the only goal that brought the team gold medals of the Olympic Games.

Angel Di Maria

Interest from European grandees

His enchanting game as in the championshipPortugal, and in the international arena, the young winger immediately attracted attention from European grandees, among which the greatest interest was shown by Real Madrid and English Manchester United. The Royal Club was more fortunate, and Angel Di Maria moved to the "cream" camp in the summer of 2010.

The heyday of a career

Angel had to perform in the "Real" all the roughwork: to be the motor of the team and the "shell of the shells" for the main club star Cristiano Ronaldo. However, this circumstance shows that the Argentine player, in fact, became a shadow leader. In addition, his ability to solve moments in key episodes was not lost anywhere. This is fully demonstrated by him at the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. In the group stage, Angel Di Maria actually led the team, while Lionel Messi did not stick to the game. A small injury did not allow Angel to participate in the semi-final and final matches. How to know, perhaps, the absence of this player and did not allow the Argentines to win their third title.

After the World Cup 2014 Royal Club,who is known as the "money bag", who buys all the star players, intended to strengthen himself even more by young promising players. And Angel's requests for salary increase were ignored. Not wanting to remain in the shadow of young players, the player decides to go to Manchester United for a record for the English championship amount of 85 million euros.

Angel Di Maria biography


Despite the enchanting beginning in the Premier League, very soonthe Argentine player experienced a powerful decline in the game. He increasingly found himself on the bench, and if he went out on the field, he could not cope with his emotions, fouled and bribed. In addition, in the Manchester house, where the family lived Angel, once the intruders made their way in search of profit. This finally undermined the player's psyche, and during the 2014-2015 season he could not reach his previous level. At the end of the season, until the transfer fee of Di Maria fell to a critically low mark, the management of "United" decided to sell the despondent player to French "PSG" for 63 million euros.

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