"Fort-17". Modern small arms. Ukrainian self-loading pistol

"Fort-17", the characteristic of which will bepresented in this article, is a model of a self-loading pistol developed by the NGO "Fort". This is the advanced development of the Ukrainian pistol, which was first demonstrated in 2007 to the relevant audience.

In fact, the gun "Fort-17", the price of which is about 30 000 rubles, is a more elaborate version of the Fort-12 weapon, which was created by the same weapons company.

In general terms about the pistol

fort 17

From his predecessor (who, by the way, isCurrently, it is armed with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), the 17th model is distinguished by a framework. It, by the way, is made of impact-resistant polymer. The rear part of the handle is replaceable. The design was applied, which allows to adjust the gun under any arrow. For example, as in the German Walther P99.

Perhaps, one more difference from the 12th model isname the presence of an integral guide. It is located under the trunk, on the frame. This guide type Picatinni is designed to be mounted on it laser target designator or flashlight.

One of the advantages of the "Fort-17" pistolcompared with its predecessor, its easier assembly, which reduces the costs needed to produce weapons. The internal arrangement of the 12th and 17th models is almost the same.


fort 17 characteristic

In the early 2000s, Ukrainian engineers from NGOs"Fort" finished the process of creating a new model of the pistol, which had a frame made of plastic materials. The weapons were ready for production. The first, as is known, plastic in the manufacture of pistols began to apply specialists in Germany. This business was taken up by a firm called Heckler & Koch, which is familiar to anyone who has even a little knowledge of weapons.

Few historical facts. In the late 60s of the last century, the engineers of Haeckler and Koch presented pistols of two models to the world arms community. They were VP-70 and P9S. Composite materials, which were then used to construct the pistols, were at that time truly innovative. Of the reinforced plastic masses, many details were made. The main emphasis was on the frame.


Holster for Fort 17

We should pay tribute to the Ukrainian armourers,who designed a new model of the "Fort" and prepared it for serial production. The fact is that these processes took place in the shortest possible time. Probably, we should not remind once again that every novelty that enters the arms market is very attractive to world experts.

Interested in actively such things and lovers. Especially if it's a development made by Russian engineers. The interview was also taken with the chief designer of the NGO "Fort". He told a lot of interesting things related to the topic of the newly-made pistol.

For example, that the idea of ​​creating weapons,which would have been partially made of plastic materials, sat in the heads of the gunsmiths not only in recent years, but from the very beginning of the company's existence. But it became possible to manufacture only due to the fact that the work on CNC machines was studied. Up to this point, it was not possible to put weapons of plastic materials on the conveyor belt. The road, so to speak, was opened by programs written by specialists for machine tools in the course of studying the work.

Basic difficulties

fort 17 traumatic

It is interesting that a specialelectrode made of graphite. Only with its presence it was possible to burn out the corresponding molds that are required for the process of casting the frames. The electrode itself could be made only on CNC machines.

As mentioned before, this is quite laboriousa process in which very complex instruments are used. That is why the manufacture of such a kind of help has become a difficult task for gunsmiths. Alternative outputs, by the way, were not, because frames are manufactured with the assistance of molds.

Interesting Facts

gun fort 17 price

In the structural plan, the frame of the pistol consists ofimmediately from 6 surfaces. They have a very complex form. So, they mostly have a bevel. Surfaces intersect at some points. Some people think that it's easy to implement such a design. But in fact, everything is quite different.

"Fort-17" is what we've been waiting for

As stated earlier, the idea of ​​creating weapons withmade of plastic frame was on the note of the gunsmiths long enough. But the technical difficulties that they faced, simply did not allow the realization of such an idea.

So, first of all the model was recreated oncomputer. After that, specialists began writing special programs designed for each instrument. And there are a lot of them in CNC machines, I should say. And only when all this was done, experiments on the creation of such a framework were crowned with success.

But by the time this was done, the company"Fort" already, we can say, matured for this event. And in terms of technology, and in others. It is also worth mentioning here that special materials and technologies are used to make frames. For example, polyamide is used in the manufacturing process. It, in turn, is reinforced with fiberglass.

And the company's specialists have gone a little further,having developed some technologies which allow to increase consumer characteristics of polyamide. It is obtained sufficiently resistant to mechanical influences and damages, and also has a high thermal strength.

The design in which the frame was developed wasspecially selected by specialists. The tendencies of development of fire short-barreled development were taken into account. For example, the look was made on the model Walther P99, Heckler & Koch P 2000, SIG SPC 2009. Incidentally, in this series in its appearance, "Fort-17" quite successfully blended.


On the arms market, you can easily find "Fort-17" traumatic. To import into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is now officially banned.

As an accessory to weapons, a holster for Fort-17 is produced.

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