City bike is the best means of transportation

Today, it is difficult for many to imagine life withoutbicycle, especially since it is not only a means of transportation. In recent decades, a lot of different styles of movement have appeared on this type of transport, and cycling has even become a kind of art.

city ​​bicycle

Today, cycling is actively developing, teenagersand young people know how to do all sorts of tricks on their bikes. However, girls are poorly involved in such competitions. The female half prefers a city bicycle. On it you can go to the store for groceries, take a ride to the country house, if it is not far. In any case, riding on this type of transport is a good fitness.

From the purposes for which the bike will be used, its choice also depends. The modern market has a rich assortment of this equipment.

The most common are bicyclesCity with an aluminum frame and 26-inch wheels. These products do not have expensive body kit and rear shock absorber. This kind of transportation is mostly chosen by lovers just to ride a bicycle, which is the majority.

Mountain bikes are preferred by people who loveTravel in the style of a trail or cross-country, moving along forest and country roads and roads. Some participate in long cycling trips with extreme climbs and descents. Here the usual city bike will not work. A technique is required that has high-speed qualities, having a suspension on the front and rear wheels.

city ​​bicycles
To ride on the asphalt mountain bike is better not to use. Such a bike usually weighs about 10-15 kilograms, and it can be modified in various ways.

Ah, here's a city bike that's perfect forasphalt and very convenient. Many acquire it for commuting or ordinary skiing. This type of transport is characterized by lightness and practicality. Some models are more focused on comfort, others - on speed. However, it is better not to use a city bicycle on a broken road or in a mud.

Tourist or cross bike has a large26-28-inch wheels, which provide excellent speed and rolling. These bikes are good for asphalt or rolled ground. They can be called sporty, since the construction of products (shock-absorbing fork and aerodynamic landing) allows achieving high speeds even on uneven surfaces.

bicycle city

Road bikes (urban) are capable ofto reach the maximum speeds on equal routes. They have thin wheels that are pumped in such a way that the friction of tires on the asphalt is minimal. These bikes are much lighter than other types of bikes, but do not have any depreciation. On them you will not pass on a bad road.

The choice of a bicycle is also influenced by a person's growth and manner of riding.

Each model of the product is manufactured with frames,which differ in length and height. However, the type of frame is not particularly important. If the city bike is too small, then you can raise the seat higher, tilt the steering wheel, if it's great - you can do it all the way around.

For the elderly or for slow driving, it is better to use products with a short frame, for those who like tricks and fast movement, it is best to choose low-frame bikes.

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