How to reduce the volume of llats at home

how to reduce the amount of ls
Probably, there is no such woman whowould be satisfied with its appearance by one hundred percent. "Leading" in self-criticism, as a rule, the abdomen. But in second place are the notorious priest and thighs (they are lashes). But if everyone knows about how to remove the tummy, then the hips are more complicated. So, how to reduce the volume of lashees?

A small test

Before learning how to reduce the volumeyou need to figure out the constitution of your body. And for this it is necessary to honestly answer the simple three questions. First: Do the volumes of your feet change if you are dieting? Second: are there any appreciable fat deposits on them? And the third: how did they look in childhood?

If the answers to the first two questions are affirmative,then the third is not particularly important. But if you can not lose weight in any way, and in your childhood you also had dense legs, then most likely, you have a natural musculature of legs. If bodybuilders are only happy about this, then for ordinary women this is a tragic situation, which, nevertheless, can be corrected. And now about how to reduce the volume of lsacks. What do you need to do for this?

How to reduce lashka in volume

How to reduce the volume of lsacks. Exercises

Let's start with what you need to do with fatsediments. First of all, make an emphasis on cardio-operations. At least six times a week. And so that there was no boredom, it is worthwhile to diversify them. Cardio-operations are not just running. Swimming, cycling, jumping rope, walking, dancing, taibo and much more will significantly damage the routine. In addition, the varying intensity of training will allow the body to work at full capacity.

how to reduce the volume of lassies exercise
The second step should be to limit fatty foods. Salads fill with two teaspoons of olive oil, which will be sufficient for your metabolism. Add to this twenty grams of almonds. That's the amount of fat per day will help reduce the fatty layer.

But the third step is an increase in the intake of proteins. Boiled, baked chicken, eggs, seafood, skimmed milk and cottage cheese. Such a diet will not only allow you to lose weight, but also provide the body with everything you need.

How to reduce the volume of lap-dogs with exercise? In addition to cardio, it is worth bringing to your life and power loads. There are no special exercises as such. Squats, the diversion of the legs alternately back, lunges - the main ones. The rest will have to be performed in sports halls under the supervision of coaches.

How to reduce the volume of lasers with developed musculature

If you train, then you should limit yourself tofood intake for at least two hours before and after training. Do not be deluded by the fact that cucumbers and apples do not contribute to obesity (there is nothing to say about carbohydrates). But after a two-hour break, you can eat vegetables in any quantity and add a little protein food to it.

How to reduce llashki in volume with the help ofExercise if you have a developed musculature? Here too, there are no special differences in the list of loads. First, cardio is necessary, but in this case - only explosive, which will, in fact, be a test of endurance. Together with the restriction in calories, you can "dry" your legs.

You can also advise dancing. Contrary to the established myth, this type of training does not pump up the legs, but makes them embossed, and if you take into account the constant change of tempo, then the "drying" is more effective in this exercise and I'm not afraid of that word with pleasure.

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