How to lose weight with menopause: nutrition, folk remedies

With menopause, can I lose weight? Yes. But it's not very easy. There are some secrets. Let's try to uncover them.

Weight may begin to change before. But the menopause period affects the woman's body so much that neither fitness, nor debilitating diets, nor even starvation brings visible results.

Advice of specialists

Slimness and ease can be achieved. You just need to try. Young girls easily throw off the accidental kilograms, and how to lose weight with a climax in 50 years, when all the efforts are in vain? You need:

  • Increase the level of estrogen in the blood, as inthe period of menopause it is significantly lowered. To do this, you must drink a course of drugs that purify the liver and activate the activity of the thyroid gland. Well with this will cope phytoestrogens.
  • Active lifestyle is a rule.

how to lose weight with menopause

  • A balanced diet with increased consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Refuse from debilitating, to nothing leading diets.
  • To study and apply the advice of traditional medicine, which will help to establish carbohydrate-fat metabolism.
  • Increase the number of meals at the same timereduce the volume taken at a time. Such a system all the calories eaten can be spent immediately, without delaying them for later. That is, all food is transformed into the energy of life.
  • Thoroughly chew food.

Nutrition: regimen and harmful foods

How to lose weight with menopause? Remember that the main meal for the day is breakfast! Energy production begins with it.

Lunch is your favorite stewed vegetables. You can add a few usual sweets to them. If it passes at home, then the first dish should be liquid, and on the second - boiled chicken or beef with vegetable salad (better without refueling).

low-calorie dishes

Constantly you need to monitor the liquid being drunk. At least two liters during the day. It can be pure filtered water or herbal decoctions.

You can not eat before bed. At night, during rest, the body stops the digestive processes, and food found in the stomach, begins to rot, which leads to the release into the blood of harmful poisonous substances. Any snack from the "past life" should go to the basic meals. No drying, nuts, chocolate outside eating.

It should also be categorically excluded from the dietespecially harmful products: mayonnaise, ketchup, soda, salt, store fruit juices. They raise the level of cholesterol, lead to a violation of fat metabolism, without any benefit.

Old, but effective: movement is life

During the menopause, activity is an extensionlife. Let's see how to lose weight with menopause. Reviews passed through this period, women talk about the benefits of physical exercise. The above tips are good only in conjunction with the correct physical exertion. It is necessary to wean from the elevator. Several times a day walking down and up the steps will give the same effect as from several classes in the gym on simulators simulating walking on the stairs. Such activity will tighten the muscles of the thighs, calf muscles. For the day must pass at least five kilometers. And, of course, it is important to visit the gym, fitness centers and swimming pools on a regular basis.

Restriction in food plus increased physical activity will not give the body a chance to stock up on unnecessary carbohydrates.

with menopause it is possible to lose weight

It is only necessary to remember that in the period of menopauseyou can not quickly lose weight. Fatty deposits, especially on the stomach, are an organized storage of estrogens and food cholesterol, the synthesis of which produces the liver. It is possible to undermine health, if against a background of the lowered hormonal background it is sharply lost this storage of hormones.

Recipes, time-tested

How to lose weight with menopause, using folkfacilities? They are almost the first advice to get rid of constipation. The phenomenon is not very pleasant in itself. In this case, the herbs of laxative herbs and vegetable juices help. In any pharmacy you can buy rhubarb, buckthorn, yarrow, chamomile, leaves and dandelion roots can be collected in a local park, fennel seeds - on your site. Brew and take as directed.

Folk remedies are good for:

  • decreased appetite;
  • purification of the intestinal mucosa (decoctions excrete most of the fecal stones).

non-hormonal drugs with menopause

They also help restore the structure of the liver, adjust its work, optimize carbohydrate-fat metabolism.

Proper nutrition

Nutritionists advise in pursuit of ease andgrace not to disregard the advice of specialists. In the menopause, a sharp weight loss can "give" in return a terrible sagging stomach (called an "apron") and a hump. Therefore, the question arises: "With menopause, can I lose weight?" Can. The emphasis in this case is on proper nutrition.


During the menopause, the body loses a lot of calcium,therefore the daily dose should be from 1000 to 1500 mg. "Get" his body can from dairy and sour-milk products, fruits and nuts (oranges, figs, dried apricots, peanuts, almonds), green vegetables (celery, cabbage, lettuce, olives, beans), fish and meat (sardine, beef).

lose weight with menopause

Modern scientists believe that calcium helps digest boron. Therefore, you should definitely use prunes, almonds, asparagus, raisins and peaches.


This is the first assistant under stress and nervousdisorders. On the day of his need is 400-500 mg. An unreasonable feeling of anxiety or fatigue, insomnia, muscle tic, broken heart rhythm indicates a lack of magnesium. It is found in white beans, rice, oat flakes, peanuts, soybeans, almonds, wheat germs and bran, in cashew nuts.

Useful in this period are cereals from a series of dark - pearl barley, oatmeal, barley, and pasta cooked in a double boiler.


How to lose weight with menopause? Do not forget that foods should contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This food includes: mackerel, salmon, trout or mackerel, canned sardines, walnuts. They saturate blood cells with useful fats.

Other products

Enrich the food should be bright vegetables (white cabbage and red cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers), fruits (cherry, currant, red grapefruit) and greens.

 how to lose weight with menopause reviews

Shortage of potassium salts can be filled with dried apricots,bananas, oranges, dog rose, tangerines, wholemeal bread, seafood. Active participation in the slowing down of aging takes black currant, parsley, kiwi, avocado. Eyes, in particular the lens, protect against the ingress of toxins of crayfish, shrimp, melon and apricot.

Lipid profile and nutrition

How to lose weight with menopause and restore the metabolic process disturbed during this period, which can increase the risk of atherosclerosis? Regularly you need to monitor the lipid profile.

how to lose weight with menopause in 50 years

Refuse should be from the liver, egg yolks,fat, kidneys, butter, cream cheese, meat (fatty varieties) and sour cream. Milk needs to drink almost fat-free (less than 1% fat). The bird should be eaten without skin. In the daily diet should be added veal, young lamb and fish (preferably sea). Necessarily need fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Bran and discard salt

It is important to eat not just low-calorie meals, they must necessarily have bran - a necessary product for the proper operation of the intestine.

If there is a risk of developing hypertension, after consultation with a nutritionist, you need to reduce (possibly to zero) salt intake. Its taste can be tried to replace with herbs.


The climacteric period is characterized by not passingstress of internal organs. Remove it should be vitamin complexes and trace elements, which help to lose weight with menopause. Folk remedies can be different. But for women in fifty years, freshly squeezed juices or smoothies of vegetable and fruit are best. In the course everything can go - sweet pepper, any greens, cabbage, carrots, strawberries, cherries, citrus fruits and so on.

Free radicals expels from the body not unknown vitamin E. It is present in beans, avocado, vegetable oil, asparagus.

Reduce the dryness of the external genitalia and reduce the intensity of tides can lignins from the flax seed.

And one must remember. You can not eat at this time only low-calorie meals. In connection with the restructuring of the women's system and increased physical exertion, energy costs are rising. A dish with a low calorie content will keep the body in a constant sense of hunger, which will provoke snacks.

Non-hormonal drugs with menopause

Climax is often accompanied by a sharp changefeeling, mood, sometimes worse health, there is increased sweating. And the most unpleasant thing is the tides. Until now, there is no medicine that helps to pass unnoticed for the body phase of ovarian decay. Is it possible to survive this period without medicines?

Experts advise to use non-hormonal drugs. This is an excellent way out of the situation with the least loss.

Today, pharmacies offer a large selection of such medicines and vitamin complexes to them. Find a suitable option and schedule a course of treatment will help a specialist.

Non-hormonal drugs in menopause todayare very effective. Especially popular are those that belong to the group of phytoestrogens. They are created as analogues of human hormones and have no side effects. For example, the drug "Estrovel" normalizes the amount of estrogen and has a beneficial effect on the emotional state, it negates the unpleasant sensations of tides.

In pharmacies you can buy medicine "Tamoxifen"and "Raloxifene" - selective modulators of estrogen receptors. Well known to our women is the drug "Remens". It provides restoration of hormonal balance, normalizes the work of the heart muscle and improves blood flow. Vitamins "Tsi-Klim" relieve nervous tension. There are a lot of such drugs. Their use must be accompanied by positive emotions: going to plays or films, meeting friends or finding a hobby of your own.

Opinion of doctors

So how to lose weight with menopause? Tablets for weight loss in this case will be inopportune. Experts say that you should abandon such drugs. They are written out only on indications. To reduce weight, you must follow the above tips and regularly consult with your doctor.

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